When writing my short post about tsu the other day (You’re still welcome to join!) I briefly touched on the reposters.

I voiced my suspicion that you get “paid” on tsu only if you repost, since I was posting a lot and got a lot of views and a few likes and comments. Since then my suspicions got confirmed. Two reposts, and suddenly there two cents in my account?
What a coincidence!!

But that is not the main issue today, but part of the problem.
The problem is the copycat culture we live in these days.

Look at your facebook feed. 50-90% are shares.
Nothing original.
Look at your friends on twitter. 50-90% reTweets.
Nothing original.
Look at 9gag. Reposts. Reposts everywhere.
Nothing original.

And so on.  More and more you get the impression that the people out there are ruminant on a mental level. I am dead certain I’m not the first to bitch about this, nor will I be the last.

We glorify Mark Zuckerberg, a fraud who steals ideas and get’s away with it. Steve Jobs and apple are glorified beyond belief, although others invented the technology first.
We have movies in theaters that are mostly re-tellings, re-imaginings, prequels, sequels, origin stories, alternatives, and so on. Close to nothing new and original.
Music industry (popular crap) is not much better. Either a dozen producers/wroter for a crappy song with three lines of verse, or a new take on an old song.

Playing the safe bet is always a good idea, right? If you are a large successful corporation, maybe. But for us lowlifes? “That post has likes, to get likes I’ll share/retweet/repost/steal it.”
To what end? Virtual currency that no one needs or wants? (=Likes)

Well at least in that respect tsu is something new. They give you cash (for reposting). Facebook and the others don’t. They rake in ALL the cash.
But rewarding people to be unoriginal bastards (aka stealing intellectual property) is not the way to go. If you were paid for posts, or likes on your original posts – that’s the way to go. Not the current share and reshare and forwardshare and share again model. This is crap.

I still am glad to be there, although I hate the repost crap, and reposting myself.

Playing the safe bet is a good idea? No. No it isn’t! Neither for a money making entity, nor for a private person.
If you want to be liked, if you want to be paid, get paid or liked for YOUR own material, not stuff you took from someone (or -thing) else.
Instead of paying you for reposts, tsu should be charging you, to keep this share/repost shit down…

Keep posting original stuff, take care, be original,