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Update 30th Nov 2014

I hope you folks had a great November.

Especially a very productive NaNoWriMo. 😉
Or a comfortable Movember.

Tomorrow starts the Christmas calendar. I trust you are looking forward to it.
During the coming season of schmalz  I will continue work on RoF and Mnarah, if the opportunity for the later arises.

With all that, I wish you very happy stsrt of December, and again I hope you a wonderfully comfortable, productive NaNoWriMovember….

Backwards Religion

Sometimes when you look around and actually contemplate what we do to the planet, you must have the same conclusion that I had.

Religion got things backwards.

If god and devil would truly exist, we must’ve come from the latter.
God created the heavens, the earth, oceans and so on. And in defiance of god, the devil created one thing, and ONE THING alone, that would frak up God’s creation:

A being that can make fire, craft tools and weapons to kill god’s creations, and lay waste to everything on earth:

Some of the things commanded unto man in the bible(s) sound pretty devilish too. We should make use of the land (no matter what)? We should go forth and procreate (like a fraking virus)?
All words of a malevoelnt entity wanting to destroy the creation of it’s arch enemy.

Then god steps in puts some commandments down, and tries to halt that shit. Tries to drown us all, but someone was wiese and quick enough to build an ark. Probably under the influence of a double agent in the supernatural war of magnificence between god and devil.

The more you think of it, the more you have to realise the whole thing sounds also pretty schizophrenic. Maybe there is no devil, but god has two personalities.

Or it’s just fairytales for adults in the god damn desert, where the occassional Thursday rain looks like a damn flood.

All in all, let’s not make use of the land the way we do now and did in the recent past. Let’s live in accordance with nature. Take our que from nature, the water and we must flow together, not fight against one another…


Floral/Fungal Journal – 2 Truths (ep1)

Dry, but dense clouds rose from the mushrooms in the forest. Growing on the sides of trees, on the ground as tall as trees themselves the clouds of spores filled the air. “Eidoma!” the called young woman turned to origin of the voice, her father. But in secret she and the others referred to him as their general. Ever since they detached from their slimy fruiting bodies he was always around, not their biological father, but in the empire of the fungal guards, common practice. Quickly she hurried to him, the general didn’t like to be kept waiting, a lesson they all learned early on. “Gather the others, we meet in the dining hall.” she bowed slightly and hurried off.


While searching out the others she still found joy in the mushrooms that sent out clouds of spores, along with the mosses. But she personally preferred the smell of fungal spores.

“The general wants us in the dining hall asap!” she yelled to a group of girls she saw at a creek in a ravine.

They bowed before her and immediately hurried on back.


Eidoma still missed a group of five after locating more of her peers. Lower in the foothills, on a peninsula where the creek joined with another, she saw them, four of them had cornered the fifth at the tip of the peninsula, threatening to throw him ibzo the ravaging waters of the mountain creeks. “The general want us back at the dining hall.” she descended to them. “But tell me first why you want to throw him in there?”

“Subversion to the fungus.” barked one of them. Eidoma raised her right eyebrow. “Defendant!” in all the years with the general she had learned to immediately seize control in any situation, which is why she often was charged with overseeing the others. The rhetoric she aldo had learned from him, she didn’t speak unless it was necessary, and if it was she didn’t speak unnecessarily much, the cornered young man was accused of subversion, he had to defend himself. “I voiced my thoughts concerning the invasion on the Sundweller Island.” again Eidoma raised the right eyebrow. “Your thoughts being?” she could see him getting uncomfortable. “It was wrong to abduct them, to murder so many.” he nervously shifted from one foot to the other. “Haven’t you heard that these vermin were withholding their nectar from us, so that in the coming time of peril we would die out?” one of the other lads yelled at him, stopped when Eidoma raised her hand to silence him. “Why do you think it was wrong?” she pointed at the lad who had shouted just before so the defendant knew that he should take into consideration what the other just had said. “Abducting helpless women and girls just sounds wrong! Are we any better than they are?” he knew he was defending a lost cause with Eidoma, she was after all tbe favorite of their father. Second in command.

“We safeguard the fungus, we will try to fend off the coming peril, but can’t if we don’t have the nectar the old Albin texts spoke off!” again the yelling lad had shouted out the information that had been fed to them.

“But they were unworthy opponents! If we fought an army, yes, but they were dorsal forest dwellers, none offered much of resistance!” they all had heard of the Albin forces that drove the heroic forces of the guards off of Both’anah, just to claim the nectar all for themselves. But still it didn’t justify the abduction of dozens, if not hundreds, of helpless women and girls. “Seize him.” Eidoma sighed, shaking her head. “Let the general decide what to do.” disappointed that they wouldn’t get to throw the subversive element off the peninsula into the raging waters the others moved towards him.

Floral/Fungal Journal – 1 Darkness (ep11)

It was is if the woman of wood and bark sprung to life, leaving the tree behind as she paced across the pond, walking on water. “I have tried to reach you, make the walls of hatred and fear of one another, that you had built in your minds, crumble and fall. You have done what I wanted of you with admirable excellence.” images of the dream the two had shared before flashed before their eyes. “Love is what will save you in the end. Love for one another, but also love for others of your kinds!” images of children playing in the sunshine, playing beneath large roots and powerful trees appeared before them. Children of Floral descent, Fungal descent, Human, Albin, Naga and other beings. All tones of skin and hair coloring. “These small infinite woods of darkness will welcome thee in times of need. These trees transcending time and space altogether will serve the children in need.” with a flash the eerie floral spirit woman disappeared, only her wooden self remained. Tophan and Sujela found themselves sitting in the shallow waters of the puddle. “Return with the children to be saved, there is a way to save them!” fainting words echoed from water, soil and tree, leaving behind perplexed Tophan and Sujela.

Suddenly bereft of fear the two slowly sat up straight, crawled closer to one another. “The children?” both asked the other. For a moment they stayed silent, before filling the seemingly empty darkness around them with laughter. Although the tree did not change it’s appearance again, a flash of images swept over them, again showing children of all kinds playing together.


A ray of morning light shone through the trees, as if to show the inhabitants of the forest were the trees stopped, and the world began. A road, well used by the looks of it, led past the woods. Shielding his eyes against the sunlight Tophan stumbled towards it. “I bet we can find people on this road.” he turned to Sujela. Sad, scratched, cut and one eyed Sujela, who stood at the tree line, staring at road, Tophan and sun. “Let’s stay here.” she mumbled. Tophan glanced to both sides of the road, nothibg to see, but the road winding along the edge of the thick forest to one, and the sea to the other side.

Bewildered he turned.

A smile appeared on his face as he wandered back to her. “Yes. Let us just do that.”

Water (again)

Right now, we living in the EU, mostly enjoy clena water that is coming out of the tap. Some areas are less lucky, but hey. The EU is working on it.

Or are they?

I might sound paranoid, and might have to join forces with the hippies I so detest, but I fear that luxury is soon to come to an end. The TTIP agreement might frak us all in the rear with our clean water. Why? Well, look at the US for a warning example.

Communities had water coming to them, they had to clean it (with tax dollars) and then put it in the pipes. You could drink water directly from the tap. Good.
Then those services were shut down gradually. To save spening they no-doubtedly said. I tell you the real reasons. Companies selling bottled water (Coke, Pepsi, Nestlé, andsoon) wanted to make money. So they bribed lobbied some politicians and they had their way with it. Now you ppor people have to go to the store and BUY water.

TTIP and the dangers that may come with it, could mean exactly the same fate for us europeans. The bottling companies will see our clean, and relatively free, water as a problem, they’ll go to the “courts” and say they expected more income, and thus are suing us. Then the governments will have to gradually lower our water quality, until we have to BUY water in the store.

Not being allowed to collect rain water (in the US) is another sign that this is the way it went down! Rainwater is flushed in the sewer system, so it is NOT going to the aquafier. Why not collect it and use it for irrigation, or if you have filters for drinking? MONEY! Rain water is for free. You’re not paying your water prividing servies, nor are you buying any in the supermarket. Thus, it’s illegal!

A small reminder to you US citizens: if your water reservoir is ABOVE ground and deer, people and what not can shit and pee in it – don’t drink it. Because someone WILL defecate into it. (or drop shit into the water that is not good for you)
Underground, enclosed reservoirs. Yes. (Unless there’s a “fracking site” nearby, then avoid drinking anything and move away as far as you can, as soon as you can)

Now, let’s go to the tap and get some water.


Floral/Fungal Journal – 1 Darkness (ep10)

Barely noticeable waves on the water’s surface reflected the light stemming from the Phoenix in all directions, covered in dancing shadows Tophan and Sujela stared at the tree the Phoenix had perched itself upon.

Hypnotized by the odd tree Tophan staggered towards it. Before he touched the water, he was violently pulled backwards by Sujela. Silently she pointed at a black body that was lying face down in the water. Tophan shook off the mesmerizing effect the tree had on him. Though large and thick the plant had a graceful streak upon itself, the shape of a woman stuck out of the trunk, her arms neatly crossed before her bosom, hands disappearing where the shoulders ought to be. The face was peaceful, yet worried. In the pale ethereal light the phoenix sent out the color of the bark was difficult to see, but it was bright. Possibly sand like yellow.

Suddenly the eyes of the gentle face in the bark came to life, terrorized the two jumped back, staring at the tree. “What is it?” Sujela found her voice again. Still in terror Tophan shook his head, but took a few deep breaths.

All the qualities of an actual dream were present, the ever changing reflected light made the female shape seem alive, moving almost. “I don’t know. There are no myths and stories of old that tell of her. Beyond the ancient Floral burial ground I know of nothing.” he too found his voice again, encouraged by the thought he might still be sleeping, dreaming a weird dream.

He tried to avert his face again, but the sad eyes of the tree woman kept him captivated. “She is one of the first.” he mumbled in a dreamy voice, half asleep.

“How do you know all of a sudden?” Sujela also couldn’t turn away from the sad stare. “It wounds me to see your struggles with each other.” the eerie distant voice of a woman seemed to echo through the forest, resonate from soil and water, transcending times of old. “You can draw strength from the soil beneath your feet, though one can trace ancestry to the trees around you and the other off our world, you are now both of this world. Cast into the same soil and the same times.” finding it hard to stand up straight the two inched away from the puddle, fell on their backsides. The strong feeling of intoxication grabbed a hold of their minds, opening their minds to the words transcended through the darkness.

Floral/Fungal Journal – 1 Darkness (ep9)

“Let us stay here.” she smiled faintly, chasing away the demonic thoughts and memories of how she had been volunteered for the mission. Originally making her angry for having to fight unarmed Florals, abducting women and girls, then weary for stranding her in tge forest of darkness, it began turning slightly positive, as it enabled her to see beyond the propaganda fed to her, and more importantly, meeting Tophan.

In the long hours of the night she had reviewed her life while talking to Tophan. Although she had friends, they were either dead, imprisoned or far away. Besides they all followed the call of the empire, working hard to serve the fungus.

Gently the pair, of former enemies embraced in a hug.


The waking croak of the Phoenix tore them from their intimate moment. Finding themselves with dug in feet, leaning back against back, where they thought of having unearthed themselves the two looked up to it. “I had a strange dream.” Tophan breathed, with a mixture of shame and disappointment had he realized that many events of the night had been a dream. “You slept?” Sujela intended to sound as if she had stayed awake the entire night, but failed at that attempt. “Just like you did.” he remarked. The bird stared at them. “But how long?” indirectly admitting to sleeping Sujela stretched, realizing that she had held hands with Tophan the entire time, as her pulsating hand slipped out if his. Each of the two looked around. Beyond the darkness above them there was no streak of morning sky to be seen.

They turned their attention back to the bird.

Clucking the Phoenix looked at them, it’s head tilted to the side, then it pecked it’s feet, returning its gaze in prompting fashion to Tophan and Sujela.

The scene repeated a few times until the pair understood that they ought to unearth their feet. Echanged over their shoulders, a glance of reluctance and doubt spoke of uncertainty in both of the two.

Slowly Sujela worked her feet free of the clenching soil, stepped on it. Never had she seen anyone being taken by the forest, but the confident gaze of the bird gave her strength. “Come on, try it.” softly she spoke to him as she reached for his hand again, ignoring the latent pain.

Walking in small uneasy steps they wandered towards the Phoenix, that kept staring at them. Uttering another croak it spread it’s wings, urging both to be scared as they feared the bird was an illusion to trick them into unburying teir feet.

Softly the Phoenix glid down from his perch, landing in front if them, leading them off into the forest. The phoenix held it’s head up in a proud manner as it lead the way through the forest.

After some time the grip of their holding hands intensified, both recognized that they entered territories they had not seen before. Hour chased hour and the deceased comrades of Sujela did not reappear.

At the shore of a small pond the phoenix stopped, it turned it’s head to see wether the two were still following, or had been snatched by the trees.

Satisfied seeing both had followed it, the Phoenix croaked and flew to a tree that stood in the center of the pond. As the shape of the tree slowly was unshrouded to Tophand Sujela by the Phoenix’ ethereal glow, each gasped in wonder and shock.

Thesaurus Collection

When doing my Christmas Calendar research I stumbled upon a rather baffling trend.


I presnt you a collection of crap I didn’t want to put into the calendar, as it doesn’t fit the theme. But still, it is mind boggling. Who buys this and decorates his/her house and body with this shit?
Thesaurus fetishists? Illiteracy fighters?

Just imagine entering someone’s living room and these things are strewn around the walls and couch, some docile tune plays from those speakers, there is the mug with some steaming hot tasteless herbal tea, your host then enters the room sporting the T-Shirt and the hat…
What kind of weapon do you use to slay this foe of humanity? This retched hipster shit scum?

Dream 7-99 Depot erfahrung_worterbuch_definition_kissen-r20c9fc337b2a4e83b82a8367bb6e7c9a_i5fqz_8byvr_512 Family 9-95 NanuNana Hat 14-95 zazzle-de Hop 7-99 Depot Live 7-99 Depot Love 7-99 Depot
Mug 16-95 zazzle-de Speaker 19-95 zazzle-de t_shirt_worterbuch_definition_tshirt-r0023764aa91e4194b2b89c89b99765aa_804gs_512

I’d say, suffocate him/her in a pile of your feces…horrible, slow, painful and just like the things you saw – disgusting and tasteless…

Floral/Fungal Journal – 1 Darkness (ep8)

“I have seen your people kill, maim and abduct people. Was the nectar really important enough for your people to become evil? Pure, literal evil?” Tophan emerged from the sea of memories and thoughts. “We were told that you withheld the nectar from us with malicious intent.” Sujela reluctantly emerged from her sea, the question had changed the nature of her thoughts and memories, brought images of the actions she and her comrades had inflicted upon the Florals. “I see now that we had been misinformed. But I don’t know whether that was done with intent, or by accident, I do not know.” her conscience began taking shape in her sea of thought. Like a tidal wave crushing above her head, guilt weighed down upon her. “Not once.” she sobbed, leaving Tophan puzzled. “Not once have voiced my doubts of the propaganda, stepped in to prevent atrocities!” Tophan felt her hand slip out of his, next to him, pressed against his back he felt her sobbing violently. Doubting the validity of his hatred for the Fungal Guards he to felt over come with guilt. The guards that fell by his hand, they surely had loved ones and friends who mourned them. “Let me end this!” she cried, terrified, and petrified, he felt her movements as she unearthed her feet, stepping barefoot onto the hard soil. “I repent my sin before you! Take me, end my wretched, tormented existence, but let Tophan return to his people!”

A gentle touch on her shoulder calmed her outcries of redemption. Upon turning she found Tophan, shrouded from her sight by the darkness of the night, but she felt him there as clearly as if he stood in bright sunlight. “I haven’t stopped to think either.” his voice was clearly not that of an illusion, yet it was as if a heave bell rung. Clear, both in tone and words. “Did the guards have friends, loved ones or families that would mourn them? I don’t know, and I did not stop to ask myself.” it dawned slowly on Sujela that he must’ve unburied his feet as well to turn to her. “Bury your feet!” she pleaded with a thin voice. “We are here together, we are in this together. It is for a reason. To repent, perhaps even to forgive.” she felt his hand on her cheek, just if itvwas another illusion. “I can’t forgive your people, yet.” he breathed, kissing softly her bruised forehead. “But you.” a gentle smile appeared on his lips, unseen by Sujela. “You and your people have done nothing that would require forgiveness.” clumsily she got up, searching for his face with her hands. “But I want you to live, and be happy with your life.”

“Lets stay here.” the ethereal shimmer returned to their neck of the woods, as the Phoenix sat down on a nearby branch, perched it glanced at the two. It seemed not as distraught as a bird caught in an ever changing forest would. “Here?” Sujela trembled in Tophans embrace. “Here! If we are to repent for our sins committed, if wevare to stray these woods for endless nights forever, or to die without our feet plugged to ground, let us do it together. As comrades in an insane war that was based on lies, from different sides as it were, but combatants in the same fight. Now as survivors, as friends perhaps.” he smiled gently, a sight beheld by one eye in front and two above. Sujela leaned against his chest. “If someone had told me that over the course of two nights my world came tumbling down, I would have laughed, if they also had told me I’d become friends with a floral, I’d have hurt them.” she looked into his eyes again. “But now, it seems as if my true salvation lies in your arms.” she reached for his face. Finally able to see each other again the two exchanged a long glance. The strange and exotic face of the other, two nights before a target for hatred, now seemed eerily familiar, a safe haven in the darkness, and refuge from the insanities they had been dragged into by their mere existence. Though many Fungal Guards had volunteered for the invasion, many had not, they had been sent, as Sujela had the option between obeying orders or being tried for treason.

Writing update 11.11.2014

Okay, here we go again.

•NaNoWriMo …  ish
Since I started early (on 27th Oct.), I’m not really participating. As mentioned before. But I am working on a bigger thing: Shadows of Mnarah. As mentioned before.
I have reached a point in the story that made me think of my fellow writer out there. Especially those participating in NaNoWriMo.
If you come to the same point as I have now, the point of utter doubt, relax.

Sit comfortably and think of the following things – “Deathbed, the bed that eats”, “Galaxy Invaders” – okay? Those are the weirdest, shittiest things I have ever seen.
Not just because of terrible effects, bad acting and so on. No. The story behind it, the story told – the brain comes to scrinching halt and needs to breathe.
The story got told. Someone wrote it, someone else read it. The reader thought it was so good it needed to be made into a film. Actors and staffs were hired, got the script and NO ONE brought the project to fall. They all went with it, and the films got made.
So, no matter how shitty you think your story is – there is always a chance. There is always hope.
Besides, your story is not that shitty. 😉

•Rings of Fate
Well…I have made a terrible mistake. I need to fire up an intro of sorts. After I finished the current episode of course. Yes, I took the brooding and urging ideas and let them out during my crisis of confidence in Mnarah, and let that out before my brain bursts out of my nose and ears…

Take care, and keep up the good work writers!