It was is if the woman of wood and bark sprung to life, leaving the tree behind as she paced across the pond, walking on water. “I have tried to reach you, make the walls of hatred and fear of one another, that you had built in your minds, crumble and fall. You have done what I wanted of you with admirable excellence.” images of the dream the two had shared before flashed before their eyes. “Love is what will save you in the end. Love for one another, but also love for others of your kinds!” images of children playing in the sunshine, playing beneath large roots and powerful trees appeared before them. Children of Floral descent, Fungal descent, Human, Albin, Naga and other beings. All tones of skin and hair coloring. “These small infinite woods of darkness will welcome thee in times of need. These trees transcending time and space altogether will serve the children in need.” with a flash the eerie floral spirit woman disappeared, only her wooden self remained. Tophan and Sujela found themselves sitting in the shallow waters of the puddle. “Return with the children to be saved, there is a way to save them!” fainting words echoed from water, soil and tree, leaving behind perplexed Tophan and Sujela.

Suddenly bereft of fear the two slowly sat up straight, crawled closer to one another. “The children?” both asked the other. For a moment they stayed silent, before filling the seemingly empty darkness around them with laughter. Although the tree did not change it’s appearance again, a flash of images swept over them, again showing children of all kinds playing together.


A ray of morning light shone through the trees, as if to show the inhabitants of the forest were the trees stopped, and the world began. A road, well used by the looks of it, led past the woods. Shielding his eyes against the sunlight Tophan stumbled towards it. “I bet we can find people on this road.” he turned to Sujela. Sad, scratched, cut and one eyed Sujela, who stood at the tree line, staring at road, Tophan and sun. “Let’s stay here.” she mumbled. Tophan glanced to both sides of the road, nothibg to see, but the road winding along the edge of the thick forest to one, and the sea to the other side.

Bewildered he turned.

A smile appeared on his face as he wandered back to her. “Yes. Let us just do that.”