“I’d rather die free than die a slave!” fully enraged the defendant showed his true colors, a free thinker.Shocked Eidoma watched as he jumped from the rocks into the water, immediately he was carried away down stream. “Follow him.” she addressed the shouter. Puzzled as to how he should follow his former comrade he looked at the waters and then back to Eidoma. Disgruntled she walked to him, grabbing him by the collar of his clothes. “I said follow him.” she flung him into the waters too, staring after them as both vanished after a few meters. “Report back to the dining hall.” she barked at the others, not turning away. Only after they had left she sighed, pinching her eyes. “Gulius, why?” she breathed. After a brief moment she inhaled hardly and hurried back to the dining hall as well. “Today, sprouts, we will finally be able to test your capabilities concerning conjuring.” an array of cups was standing on the tables before the assembled young guards. “Although until recently conjuring was possible without this,” the general pointed at the cups on the tables. “this facility had been safeguarded to keep your possible dormant abilities suppressed. First you had to be taught the ways of the guards before being inaugurated in the ways of the conujurers.” two guards passed the group with a lead chest, it was open with a single petrified feather lying inside it. “In all our schools there is such a feather, as you have almost finished your education it will be sealed off, allowing for conjury to take place once again!” he raised his hands in the air, to which the two guards closed the lead chest. Wiggling his hands he asked the younger ones forth to each take a cup and drink. Eidoma opened the door and entered late. With a grim expression she stayed at the door while the others tasted of the cups. “To know whether you have the special powers to continue down the path of the conjurers, report to the bow shooting range!” he dismissed them and watched how the wandered off, followed by the two men who still carried the chest. “Where are Gulius and Frydo?” Eidoma wanted to bow her head but kept it tall. “Gulius tried to defect by jumping into the river, after spouting subversive nonsense. I sent Frydo in pursuit.” The general nodded slowly, thinking about his further options he complimented her to the table. After she had drunk from the water too he stood her up at the window. “Over there.” he pointed at a bush. “Burn it.” Once again Eidoma raised her right eyebrow. He had given them nectar to drink, diluted enough to not cause spontaneous capabilities but enough of it to enable any conjurer of his magic. Eidoma raised her hand and concentrated on the bush. Nothing happened. “Good, not a conjurer,” the general turned to her smirking with a sign of relief, glad that he had raised her to an officer, instead of a conjurer. “In this case I hereby pronounce your education as finished, you will report to the barracks in the capitol, immediately starting your career as an officer.” he looked out the window, a distraught young man wandered back to the dining hall. “And take conjurer neophyte Halus with you.” he pointed at the young man. Enroute she was to search for Gulius and Frydo, or their remains. Seemingly calm Eidoma wandered off to the barracks in order to gather supplies. “What will happen to the others?” she had asked before leaving. “Depending on their performances over the years, half of them will be sent to the barracks in the capitol, the other half will work as farmers, workers and scholars.” he seemed sorry to let the young fungals leave, but remained his cold and distant composure. The men who safeguarded the petrified feather were also heading for the capitol. Since conjury had vanished the needs for the feather were no longer present, future generations wouldn’t have the capability to use their powers before it was time for them to be tested. But the leaders of the empire thought there might be some future application for the feather. All of the feathers, in all of the schools, were to be returned to the capitol. If the conjurers and alchemists would succeed in restoring the fungus to it’s former health, the stone feathers could provide protection for the fungus from any attacks of a conjured nature. “The vicious attack by the Albin on the fungus left it semi dead. It’s fruiting body above ground decaying and the growth beneath it paralyzed. It gave birth to the subversive fungus republic. We the loyal fungal guards are safekeeping the mushroom above and the growth beneath ground, using conjury and alchemy to keep the growth alive and restore the natural order of the fungus.” the General’s voice echoed in Eidomas mind as she wandered the land down hill next to the ravine in which the water thundered down. She had Halus to keep her company, but thus far neither of them had found a trace of the two missing lads. “What do you think will await me with the conjurer chamber?” Halus voice was thin, a little trembling undertone swung with his words. “Education to the teachings of the funugs, so you too can ensure the survival and restoration opf both the fungus and our empire!” Eidoma kept her attention on the shore of the wild waters, replied as trained by the general. Gulius had been a close friend of hers until he showed his subversive true nature. She suspected that he was disappointed in how she handled the accusations against him, and thus jumped broken hearted. It appeared silly to her that Gulius would assume her to share his individualistic and subversive outlook on the world. She was fully committed to the fungus, and it’s restoration, and thus the restoration of the common mind, connecting all fungal people through the mind of fungus itself into one mind.”I hope that the training wont last too long, I’m eager to join the ranks of the fighting conjurers.” he sighed in anticipation of a glorious future. Glancing over to him Eidoma also sighed, but silently and secretive. After what the general had told her of the conjurer chambers she did not envy Halus. They were highly esteemed, but their training was considered most brutal, brutal on the mind that was. Barely five hours of rest, the rest of the day training and learning. “Look!” Halus pointed to a lifeless black body on the side of the water. The clothes were torn and dripping wet, many wounds were visible from a far, oozing out of them was fungal blood, thick white liquid, that slowly became gelatinous in the warm spring sun. Halus turned the body over, hoping to being able to help the injured, seeing not even breath moving the dead one Eidoma had given up on the body.Frydo.Unable to admit it to herself, let alone show it, Eidoma was relieved it was not Gulius. “He was battered to death with a rock.” Halus picked up the weapon in question, it was covered in blood all over, eventhough it had been lying next to the body.