“He added murder to his crimes.” Halus grumbled, rising from the site of his comrades death. Both of them knew that murder was punished by death, but so was subversion.

As much as it hurt her to do so, Eidoma looked around for tracks in the soil around the shore, aside their own she couldn’t find any. Uneased by a muffled noise Eidoma turned around. Panting and dripping wet Gulius stood over the unconscious Halus, a log in his hand. “Come with me.” Eidoma felt her hand grab tightly around the handle of her short sword. “You know I can’t, as much as I love you, I love the empire more!” only later did Eidoma realize she had been crying. “I wish you would have just vanished into the night!” Gulius seemed as sad as Eidoma, he too shed tears, trembling his grip on the log grew tighter. As did Eidomas on the handle of her sword. “I can’t kill you!” she cried out, letting go of the handle and heeding gravitys call, falling to the ground.

“Nor can I.” he sighed letting go of the log that fell on Halus back. For what seemed like hours the two stood and kneed where they were, silently sobbing into the woods.

Interested Gulius bent down to the small water container on Halus belt, showed it to Eidoma with an inquiring look on his face. “Nectar. Dilute.” she sobbed the words in sentences, a dim ray of hope appeared in her mind as Gulius took a sip. “Concentrate. On. Fire.” terrified she watched as Gulius did what the dim ray of hope had sparked in her mind. He took a step back, raised his hand towards Halus. Moments later he was set a blaze. Immediately he doused the flames again, taking the insignia Halus was wearing, exchanging them for his own, only to set the unconscious on fire again.

“Now, Gulius is dead, Halus will survive!” he seemed proud. “What if there were others who proofed to be conjurers?” Gulius froze in his triumphant smile. “At ease, there weren’t.” she sighed, sending a shockwave of relief through Gulius.

For a moment the two stood in silence watching their comrade burn. “Go to the citadel in the capitol. Take secretive routes. If I encounter someone I’ll tell them that I sent you, Halus, up ahead after you burned Gulius. If you encounter someone you don’t know tell the same tale.” she shook her head. Doubt crept into her thoughts, the capitol was swarming with people. Although Gulius could hide amongst them, he might be discovered, and she along with him. Even more concerns rose when she thought of Gulius as a conjurer. With his subversive behaviour he would not work for the greater good of the fungus, and if the funugs would be restored in her lifetime Gulius would surely be outcast and murdered. “Don’t burden your mind with doubts and concerns.” he tried to sound optimistic, also looking at the dead bodies in the ravine. “We could still leave.” he pointed south-west, the border to the republic was not more than a few days hike away. Landlocked by the republic as the empire was the border to the republic was never all too far away. “I can’t. I believe in our nation, in our cause.” she cuddled against him for a moment. “At all costs? Genocide, whether they hold the key for our survival or not, can’t be the answer.” he pushed her away from himself. He studied the dark, almost black, eyes of the woman he loved, but saw only devotion to the fungus in them. “If the fungus retakes control of all of us, our individuality will seize to exist, your love for me, and my love for you will be annihilated by the feeling and thoughts the fungus has.” he whispered hoping to sway her, after afew moments of silently staring into her eyes he nodded slowly. “If you would have shown me your love for me, I would’Ve come with you, played along to please you.” he stepped back away from her, only after he showed her, she realized that he had drawn her short sword. Quickly he cut the inside of his hand, sheathing it again in a swift motion. “Go.” his voice tremled, as did all of his body. “Go and please don’t forget me.” slowly Eidoma walked away.