Holding her stomach that was in turmoil instead of her gaping wound she got up, she stumbled away from the site, heading for the south-west. All the devotion and love for the empire and the fungus had vanished, driven out by the disgust she had found on that clearing. Eventhough the promise of the shared consciousness with the fungus, receiving nutrition from the subterranian lichen instead of eating, she couldn’t imagine sharing consciousness with the same men that just tortured the floral women, especially the commander with the dirty lustful smirk. Tears shot to her eyes as her love for the empire began to crumble, her yearning for the collective consciousness began to dwindle.


Her entire world began to crumble away around her, as she ran avoiding the thick meaty stems of the giant mushrooms and trees.

Although blood was rushing through her ears, omitting the sounds of the forest, she heard distant voices.


“It says you are Halus, to be inaugurated at the citadel of the chamber of conjurers.” the voice belonged to a guards man on patrol.

“That is correct sir.”

Gulius! Eidoma changed her direction to the source of tbe voices. “Citadel is the other way son. Got turned around?” Gulius cursed himself for handing over the insignia of Halus, wit Frydos he could’ve claimed a training mission. “Actually I,”

“actually he was trying to follow a former comrade of ours, he burnt me, badly. A subversive, you should man the border!” Eidoma panted, hoping the guard would buy into her quickly fabricated story. Immediately the leader of the patrol waved to his men, they dispersed in the direction of the border, leaving the officer behind. “You are?” readily Eidoma handed over ger insignia and her orders. The man glanced over them, handed each their insignia. “We are on the subject now, do not worry anymore, the capitol awaits you with glorious futures!” he smiled saluting, befire he too left for the border. The two started to walk vack slowly u.til they were out of sight of the patrol. Eidoma sat down again, leaning against an oak tree she took a few deep breaths. “What made you cone after me?” Gulius raised his eyebrows. Not uttering a single word Eidoma just stared back at him. In her eyes he saw the pain she had felt at the site of the farm.

Without warning she started crying, deep, violent sobs shook her, distraught Gulius rushed to her, laying his arms around her. “What horrors did thine eyes behold ?” he quoted from the sacred texts of the fungus, knowing it would calm her.