“The terrors of the wicked, inflicted upon the children.” she replied with the quoted reply. “We are monsters.” she whispered, still crying. Quickly she told of the farm and what was going on there. All the while Gulius wandered around the nearby trees and bushes collecting herbs, herbal medicine was one of the things they had eagerly learned in their time. Most forgot what they had been taught, Gulius didn’t. Instead of reacting to her report he fashioned a bandage for the burn he had caused her in the name of plausibility. “We have to tell someone.” she grabbed his hand. “‘Lies! These vile creatures deserve no better.’ have you forgotten? Even if they believe us, and want to stop it, they would tidy that one farm up, transport them to another location, another farm, and continue their gruesome work.” Eidoma let go of his wrist, letting him take further care of her wound. Staring into the distance she watched the sky. “We can tell the republic.” she stated dryly, hinting her willingness to leave with him. “Or we could burn it to the ground and then turn to the republic!” shocked at his proposal Eidoma gasped for air, she did not know whether she could actually commit sabotage. Treason was one thing.Gulius shook his head, certain the farm would be easily defended against fire. Soldiers would swarm the woods within minutes to catch the saboteurs. “Lets do it then.” Eidoma sighed placing her hand on his cheek. “For the color of truth shall be revealed to the blind and ignorant!” she continued quoting from the scriptures.

“Cleansed and purged from evil the earth shall recover and all regrow.” he smiled, the passage they cited was originally telling if subversive elements that should be destroyed, so the righteous followers and children of the fungus can regrow. Even before it had been poisoned by the Albin the fungus gad the scriptures written down, perhaps aware it might one day be incapable of controlling the fungal people. Dusk was upon tge land the racks with the bound and mutilated floral women had been turned to face east, to be in full light when the sun rises in the morning. Security around the farm was not as tight as the two had imagined after the local authorities had learned of a subversive element in the area. Only three men patrolled at the edge of the forest. With ease they found a gap in their rhythm, slipped by unnoticed. Next to the house Eidoma had witnessed the guards dragging the floral woman in to the ducked in the cover of shadows. Whimpers came from inside, a few words exchanged in the floral language that neither of the two spoke or understood. “Who are you?” a tall guardsman stood in front of Eidoma and Gulius. “We are the new guys, sent here to start our training on the job.” Gulius replied, both had gotten up, displaying thejr insignia in bright moonlight. The guard grunted as Eidoma thrust her short sword into his throat. “Now we don’t have much time left.” she sighed wiping off the blood on the blade. “Should we rescue them?” she nodded towards the door the two had been cowering in front of. Gulius turned towards it. “We should, shouldn’t we?” “Leave us.” the tormented and muffled voice of a floral woman came from behind the door. “We have suffered, death would be a reward!” uncertain the two exchanged a glance. “One of you guys should come with us, as living testimony to the atrocities committed here.” Eidoma hissed. She argued that she’d readily take one of the women on the racks, but she doubted that they would survive the long trip.

All the while Gulius tried to pick the lock, without any luck. Eidoma reached to the dead guard, found the key chain, opened the door.

Fixed to a rack like her kin outside, Eidoma saw the floral woman she had seen during the day. As the camp leader had instructed she already had been mutilated, on her bare chest the first filaments of the growing fungus showed.

“You’re guards yourselves!” she shrieked, Eidoma jumped to her covering her mouth to prevent her from drawing any attention. “We will spring you free, take you out of this country, but please hush!” reluctantly the woman nodded.

Having released Xavani from the rack Eidoma carried her outside, hearing the crackling noise of flane consuming was satisfactory for both of them. Out of a blazing frame Gulius retreated outside to join them. “The others, release them into death.” Xavani pointed at the racks facing away from them, faint whimpers from their direction sounded approving. Uncertain whether it was the right course of action Gulius looked to Eidoma, seeking confirmation from her. Tears in her eyes she nodded, while hanging her jacket around Xavani.