The perverse breastfeeding fetish is reaching religous levels here. These are, and I can’t stress how wrong this feels writing, “Breastmilk pearls” for a mere 157,00Euro (and more)!
Yes, you read that correct. BRESATMILK PEARLS! These are made from breastmilk. You lactate into a bottle, send it to them, and they make a pearl out of it. Obvious questions like “doesn’t that spoil and start to stink horribly?” aside. The site proclaims that these pearls are HAND MADE from 30ml breastmilk (2 Tablespoons) you send in, no chemicals added.
Okay. Wait. HOW?

All that aside. WHY????
“All the love and energy delivered by the breastmilk is saved and cotained in this.”
I still wonder HOW. Especially HANDCRAFTED. HOW?
Love, light and stardust?

Repeat: Perverse breastfeeding fetish on religous levels!

Regardless, if you can count an orphan to your enemies, abandoned on the steps of the local monastary by his/her unloving mother, gift them this to cause a new identity crisis and hopefully drive them to suicide….