Soon thereafter the entire farm was burning, flames reached for the skies, releasing relieved death cries from the racks skyward. Horrified shouts, panicked orders and rushed steps from the guards among them.

Through the field outside the farm the three guards rushed towards the farm, leaving a convenient gap between them for Gulius to lead the two women away without running into them.


“Drink.” determined staring at Eidoma, Xavani insisted. Not far from them was a patrol, the rest of the night had been relatively uneventful, although stressful. Their flight took them straight south, as the southwest border surely was well guarded by the time of their arrival.

During the night Xavani had explained to them how the nectar enabled beings that couldn’t use magic into beings that were capable to use magic. Temporarily, and it did not work with Florals. “Why should I drink of your nectar?”

Xavani sighed. “He is a wizard, and if you can show the same capabilities you could tell them I was your supply. Hide your insignia and claim to be on a secret mission. I will just hang lifeless between you.” she rolled her eyes, perhaps these young fungal guards had no idea there were secret missions outside the borders of the empire. But that was how the invasion on Both’anah had been carried out, and that was how she was transported back. Even though the guards had been beat on Both’anah, there were plenty of secret locations with guards and captured floral women. Hoping she remembered right where the camp was where she had been held captive before being transported to the empire. Reluctantly Eidoma bent down to Xavanis breasts, ingesting the sticky, sweet nectar in pure form. It took her a few moments to feel the sudden surge of power that flowed through her. Gulius took a sip from his bottle after they had stowed away all the insignia they carried on them.

“Stop!” as predicted the three were approached by the five men on the patrol, with much disdain one of them grabbed Xavani by the hair lifting her up, glancing at the absent eyes with the feverishly absent expression. “Who are you?” another built himself up in front of the two. “Chamber operatives, let us pass.” Eidomas trait of speaking only the most necessary of words came in handy at that moment. “I’m sorry but there is a subversive in the area, he is reported to have set a farm in flames not far from here, and” Eidoma let go of Xavani, leaving Gulius to bear the full force of her weight all of a sudden. “Black ops, have you heard of that? Now let us pass!” in her hollow hand appeared a fireball that glistened dangerously. Swallowing the man stepped aside. “Aren’t you a little young for Black Ops?” he added as the three marched on by. “That is the point, isn’t it?” Eidoma felt drunk with power. Something inside her rebelled against this feeling though, warning herself that she might get highly addicted to the nectar if she wasn’t careful. “Maybe, safe journey and success! For the fungus!” he greeted hastily, feeling uneasy near the young fungal conjuress. Quickly the three moved on through the forest avoiding roads and especially official border checkpoints. The trick they had pulled might have worked on the patrol but with the border patrols it might not be that easy.

“Don’t make me do that ever again!” Eidoma cringed underneath a large mushroom as dusk set in. She felt heavy cramps in her stomach and intestines. “It saved our lives, didn’t it?” Xavani looked at the painful sight of her aching stumps, though Gulius had put bandages over it she was under immense pain. “Once it has healed most of the physical pain they inflicted upon you will disappear.” Xavani rewarded Gulius’ words with a doubtful look. “I could regrow them.” she mumbled. “But that would be extremely painful.” she glanced at the short sword on Eidomas belt. “They cauterzied my wounds to prevent regrowth, but If I were to chop off more it could start the process.” Disturbed both Eidoma and Gulius stared at her absent gaze. “If it doesn’t start it?” Eidoma pressed out while still cringing in pain. “Then the wounds could start to rot, making me rot.” her gaze became less distant, until her attention had returned. “What is your plan anyways?” “Reaching the Republic, from there on we’d make our way to their capitol.” Gulius quickly responded, packing the few things that Eidoma had brought with her, and what little supplies they had scavenged at the farm.”How?” she lowered her head between her arms again. “First we cross the border, it shouldn’t be that hard to reach someone who’d help us in the republic.”

Though in pain Eidoma sat up against the stem of the mushroom. Just as she and Gulius had fooled the patrol there might be countless guard agents in the republic. Immediately turning them back into the hands of the empire.

“We need to make it to a town and raise attention of the authorities.” Eidoma sunk her head back against the stem. If she could still snap her fingers Xavani would have.