Forming a line, a group of twenty soldiers marched through a narrow artificial clearing. On the other side of the clearing a fence of logs had been erected, reaching about three meters high. Beyond it was another gap before more trees and mushroom caps appeared in Eidomas sight.

The border.

She pointed at the fence and then wiggled her hand, signaling Gulius that he should burn a hole inside it so the could escape, to which he shook his head.

Pointing at the strong patrol going in one direction he also made a sign in the other. Xavani did not know whether his assumption was correct, but nodded, also assuming that there ought to be an equally large patrol on the other side of the palisade.

Disgruntled Eidoma again wiggled her hand to signal that they could be burned too.

A noise at the palisade drew their attention.

Both Eidoma and Gulius gasped for air. “I know you’re in there! Emerge!” the general stood at the logs, he was clearly enraged. “Eidoma! Emerge!” he barked making Eidomas blood run cold. Sitting petrified in the underbrush she just stared at the huge man standing at the palisade. Cussing Xavani crawled to her, to Gulius’ surprise the floral woman sat up straight in front of the cowering fungal woman, pressing her breast against Eidomas mouth. “Drink and liberate yourself!” she hissed, knowing that all their lives depended on Eidoma fighting the man who was shouting out for her.


Surprise was written over the generals face as he saw Eidoma emerge from the bushes, together with Gulius and a floral woman.

Surprise and guilt.

Never should he have sent Eidoma after Gulius, knowing the two had feelings for one another. It was his faukt that she had laden herself with crimes against the empire, throwing away a glorious future as an officer. “I am so sorry child.” he mumbled.

“As am I.” she sighed.

Eidoma bowed before the general. “The light of truth will illuminate, it’s color will guide, now walk out of that blinding haze that has engulfed your soul.” she stepped back raising her hands, engulfing the surprised and confused general in a storm of flames, with another wink of her hands she threw the burning general and engulfing fire storm against the palisade, cutting a gaping hole into them. Alerted shouts and hasty stomps told of the patrolling guards return. Once again drunken with power Eidoma turned in the direction the guards came from. Fire and soil torn from the earth rose up in a cloud before her rushing towards the troops.

“Run!” she yelled over the noise of her attack, not averting her attention from what she was doing. Quickly Gulius and Xavani rushed through the gap in the palisade, Gulius immediately opening fire himself. He wished that he had received training to summon anything else but fire. On the other side of the palisade Eidomas inferno took on a life of it’s own, forcing her through the gap she had created. “Run on!” she screamed on top of her lungs, continuing to spew forth fire from her hands towards the guards on the republic side of the palisade. Distraught at how she behaved Gulius reluctantly fled with Xavani towards the forest, past the whimpering, dying general. Pausing for a moment he bent down to the man. “May the truth always engulf you.” he sighed.

A smirk appeared on the generals lips. Unable to speak he just smirked, while watching Gulius and the floral run, and Eidoma create more fire. As on the imperial side of the palisade her inferno took on a life of its own. Both the dying general and Eidoma were surrounded by raging fires. “You taught me well, my determination is unbroken.” she cowered next to the general. “More troops are on the way. Yes?” slowly the general nodded. Eidoma felt the power of pure nectar flowing through her, the tiny rest of reason in her mind went quieter and quieter.