There is no item here today. Christmas in Europe is on the eve of the 24th.

There was a bit of dissing of spiritual stuff this year. I will NOT apologise for that. I’m going to sell you something. For 0.00$ incl. shipping and handling:


Spirituality takes place in your heart and your soul. If you have difficulty connecting with the spiritual, with nature and the endless energies of the universe – that problem lies within you.
Your own subconcsious. Your own thoughts.

You don’t need a pillar, a showerhead, some nativity scene or other crap. No sprays, and scents, or figurines.

You need to work on yourself.

There is no chemtrail conspiracy. It’s dirt, yes, but not chemical poison.
There are no morgellons. Delusions.
Vaccines are your friend.
Endorphines should go rushing? Do sports. Or have a hearty laugh.
Breastmilk, is breastmilk. It isno special spooky liquid that can connect you on a spiritual level to your kid.

Stop acting and buying/selling STUPID. Love one another, be kind. Stop seeing ghosts that aren’t there, and work on yourself.

In that regard, I whish you a blessed, and merry christmas/chanukah/kwanza/etc.

Take care,