He stood at the point where the Albin had walked off, staring in their direction for some time. Trying to shake off the anger he still felt for any fungal he hasted homeward. His daughter would surely be waiting for him, filled with sorrow. Half of his village would. Wishing his wife would still be with them he approached the simple huts in the forest, he also longed for his best friend to still be alive. The two of them had fought against the invaders, a concept that had previously been unknown to the formerly pacifist floral people. “Father!” “Nicodia! It was just Albin with fungal fugitives!” he calmed her and the others as they approached him. Only at certain moments did he realize how many people were missing. At least half of the village had either been killed or taken away. His best rriend and his wife among those who had been killed, his daughter had avoided capture due to her young age. He stopped dead in his tracks as he wanted to march on. There was a foreigner.”Excuse my intrusion.” the human woman took a gentle bow. “I am Hanna, a representative of the circle.” looking her up and down with disdain he sighed. “And what can we do for you? Let me guess, Jal’bothan, or Nectar as it is called?”Hanna shook her head raising her hands in a defensive manner, to show she did not pose a threat. “I am here to ask for the names of people who had been robbed, they might be in camps the guards have, or had, so they can be found faster!” Grunting he turned to his daughter, the peaceful look in her eyes calmed him. For all the horrors she had witnessed during the brief occupation she still was willing to trust strangers.”Not one of my family had been taken, they are either here,” he stroked his daughters head, “or they are dead.” his hand pointed vaguely in the direction of a mound of earth at the edge of the village. A tall oak grew out of it. “That is the tree of the dead, in case you didn’t know.”Slowly Hanna inched away from mound and tree, although she had heard of it, she had not realized that it was that tree. “I am sorry to hear that.” she slowly regained her composure. Most of the floral people hid their scorn for foreigners, especially thoise who would make use of the nectar like Hanna herself, but the man she faced at that moment, he was rather upfront with it. “Right after the Albin, aided by your people, drove off the fungal guards the Albin priests and the circle descended down upon us like locusts. You desire to leech off with trade what the fungal guards tried to take by force.” Fethomus, as he had introduced himself, explained his scorn for Hanna over a cup of tea. “At least that is how I feel about it.” An approving mumble went through the ranks of the gathered floral people around him. Hanna looked at the faces around her”I understand your feelings, as I have stated already, my mission is one of aid, not of purchase.” she sipped from the tea. In all honesty to herself she admitted that she longed for the nectar a great deal, she had not received any of the highly scarce rations. Just as Fethomus had said it, not nany of the floral natives were eager to trade for it. Like other mages of any species she felt withdrawal since magic had disappeared. “We are grateful for your support, but please understand that we are distrustful of strangers right now.” a woman had turned to her, attempting to smile friendly.”I can understand, my grandparents had been driven off by border dispute amongst our nations, they were distrustful too.” she felt for the small bundle of sheets in her pocket. Her mother had made it for her when she first showed talent for magic. She then slipped it into Hannas luggage when the circle came to raise the child. The pages detailed the lives of Hannas parents, grandparents and siblings up to the point when she was taken in by the circle.