“But I have to say it is too bad your people wouldn’t trade the recipe for the nectar. Even with all this distrust, we would not turn against you, nor would we let it fall into the hands of anyone who might.” the woman who had spoken with Hanna the moment before turned to Fethomus, who looked at her. All of a sudden the entirety of the assembled people had an amused smirk on their faces. “You dont know where the nectar comes from?” she chuckled. Raising one eyebrow Hanna shook her head, but feared the worst. The floral woman leaned in forming a funnel with her hands to whisper in Hannas ear. Surprise, as well as a little disgust appeared on her face, much the entertainment of the others. “I think I won’t ever touch it again.” Hanna shook herself in disgust, while the entire assembly laughed in an amused manner. “The Albin found out ages ago, but kept it secret, in its pure form the nectar has some side effects, so I hope we can count on your discretion as well?” Hanna nodded, she was torn whether she wanted to know about these side effects or not. “For today we have shocked our guest enough, I think.” Fethomus got up, turning to his hut. Basically consisting of beds, a fire place and a nursing patch. “At least I will end my day.” “The Jal’bothan has an effect on men, it stimulates their passion and lust, in male carnals like yourself, it amplifies the lust to unknown heights.” Sycena sat at the fire with Hanna long after Fethomus had gone to bed, most of the villagers had left soon after, until only Hanna and Sycena were left. “I think I have heard enough.” Hanna laughed, after Sycena elaborated how the Nectar can sometimes be used to glue man and woman together in the act, in order to increase the likelihood of fertilisation.Both women sat at the dying fire staring into the ever decreasing flames. Hanna had shared the news she had received from the circle, everything about the vanishing magic, the refugees from the realm of the demons as the sphinxes were marching through it in order to return to the world, and why it was thus important to supply the mages of man and Albin with nectar. “I have heard of heros all my life,” Hanna sighed, wondering she stared at the charred logs, “but not one of them was a simple man who had saved the world, or what ever was at stake, by doing his mundane tasks.” suddenly she felt Sycenas cool hand on her own. “You have.” she smiled. “Every Floral woman that gives your people her Jal’bothan. I can think of no deed more mundane than harvesting your own nectar.” Hanna begun smiling faintly. “Your people, who farm and hunt for troops and mages, who mine minerals, forge them, weave clothing from fiber and fur, who are doing their mundane task day in, day out, supplying you with food, clothes and weaponry, making the resistance against the sphinxes possible. They are heroes!”Hannas smile deteriorated away. “Unnamed heroes.” she sighed, but squeezed the reassuring hand.”Now you know much more about our kind than we know of the world. Tell me what is happening out side our island?” she ebded the sentence abruptly, a few seasons ago she and others would have said “island paradise”, the invasion of the fungal guards had changed that, until all wounds healed, none of the inhabitants of Both’anah would call their home paradise. “Magic has vanished as you know, that alone would leave our kind in chaos, the circle has declined from an organization of mages and religious institution, into a religious institution only.” she pointed at the tattoo of a circle on her wrist as she spoke. “The scholars think that this is a telltale sign that an ancient enemy of all life is preparing to return, the sphinxes. All magic around them withers. Apparently the demons who share a realm with them think so too, trying to invade our world, prior to the vanishing of all magic. Those who stayed here turned mortal. One even died after her wings became redundant!” she remembered reports from a nunnary near Cliffton.