Groups of Albin, Humans and Fungals marched through the camp, upon the sight of her each group stopped for a moment, staring in disbelief. All had seen Florals before, but unless they had to be brought to camp for treatment of injuries, or to be debriefed concerning their origin, none ever just came to the camp and entered it on their own. “Can we help you?” a friendly smiling Albin woman stopped her on the broad main road through the camp. “I seek a way of this land, perhaps even a way to the pole?” perplexed by Nicodias wish the Albin woman inched back a little. As far as her knowledge went, it had been the first time a floral wanted off the island. “That is an unusual request, I would have to bring you to the generals of this camp.” certain enough that the young floral before her was simply crazed she put on a friendly non-threatening smile. “Nicodia?!” hurled around by the strangely familiar voice Nicodia felt thunderstruck. Hanna! A distraught expression around her eyes told Nicodia that she had been keeping an eye out for the missing young Floral. She just hoped that none of the villagers held her responsible for her missing. “Hanna.” Nicodias voice was thin and uneasy. “Your father is worried sick, he presumes you have been robbed by some of the remaining Guards on the island! He is wandering the land with a rake in search for them!” Hanna rushed to her, ready to slap her, but refrained from doing so. “Can you tell him that I am not? I want to leave, Both’anah holds nothing of interest for me anymore.” she sighed, her shoulders hung down low, as her head. Gently Hanna grabbed the Floral’s chin and raised her head. For a moment she stared into the eyes of the young woman. “I shall rely your message to your father, but upon my return you better be gone, for he will come with me to take you home, that much I can guarantee.” she sounded distressed, relieved and worried. “Don’t worry,” Nicodia thought, “I will be off this island.” “Yes.” she spoke still with thin voice, not matching her proud thoughts. “Do you still wish to meet the generals?” Nicodia was surprised to find that the Albin had been waiting all the time. Again she replied with “Yes”, a lot more confidence in her voice than a moment before.