There was a group of large tents, gathering tents as she would’ve called them, men and women of all races she knew were inside them, in one she found even a floral woman sitting in a corner, a fungal man stood by her side as if he was her guardian. “We must strike at the heart of the Guard’s empire.” a furious Fungal man exclaimed, by his side stood Shedomus, trying to calm him. “General Brysus, please calm your voice.” a human male stepped to the table they were gathered around. “Though I agree with you that the empire must be punished, we certainly can not mount an operation of this magnitude,” he was cut off as an Albin woman at the table raised her hand. “We will deal with the Fungal Guards, once and for all, as soon as the threat of invasion by the Chimeras has been dealt with.” she glanced to her human counterpart. “And we recognize that you only represent the kingdom of Midheim, but perhaps the circle can raise the other human nations when needed, just as it was promised for the invasion of the Chimeras.” she sighed, belittled the human general turned from the table mumbling something in his native tongue. “General Kaya, this young floral has entered the camp, wishing to travel abroad.” the Floral in the corner and the general both raised their heads and stared at Nicodia. “Lost relatives?” the Albin immediately assumed. With a glance at Shedomus, Nicodia stepped forward. “Itchy feet, Ma’am. I wish to travel to the pole. I feel drawn away from these lands.” the Floral in the corner and her fungal bodyguard exchanged a puzzled look. Stunned the general stood up right at the table. “Are you serious?” Nicodia did not reply verbally but with a destinct nod. Slowly the Floral in the corner of the tent got up, the Fungal staying around her like a shadow. “What is your name?” Nicodia realized only at that moment that the woman had no hands, and the Fungal at her side, ever like a shadow, was bearing a guilty expression underneath the neutral mask he had transformed his expressions into. “Nicodia.” A smile appeared on the lips of the woman slowly approaching her. Uncertain whether she was crazed or not Nicodia had to battle the urge to flee from her. “My name is Xavani, and this is my friend Eidomus. What draws you to the pole?” A stressful time lay behind Xavani and Eidomus, they had toured most of the island to promote the urgency that Floral women donate nectar, or at least sell it, to the Albin and the Humans. She knew that she had by far not reached all villages and towns, but many of them, from there on out the word should spread out to smaller settlements and untouched villages. “I do not know, ever since I heard of it, I feel drawn there. Proving that our people are not just docile, forest dwelling, nectar dispensaries.” Xavani felt thunderstruck, the ambitions of this young girl were right, but came at the most inconvenient of times, as she herself was promoting the sharing of the nectar. Eidomus nudged Xavani slightly as he interpreted her painful look. For a moment he whispered in her ear, glancing to Nicodia.   “If you insist to go to the pole, there will be an expedition going there, starting from the captial of the Fungal Republic.” Xavani leaned in to her, clearly noticing a bolt of fear that went through Nicodia as she mentioned the capital. “If you are up to it, you can go.” she hissed. it seemed to Xavani as if the thoughts were clearly visible as they ran through Nicodias mind. “I shall go.” although agitated at first Nicodia had calmed herself, at least superficially, as she replied. Recognizing her bravery Xavani nodded, leaning back again. “I will come with you to the capital, whether or not we will be visiting the pole together is an entirely other story.” she sighed, returning to her seat.