Waves crushed against the side of the ship, sending clouds of water vapor on, and across, the deck. Wrapped in a woolen cloth Nicodia stood near the steering rudder, her eyes fixed on the bow of the ship. She let the images, sounds and smells pass through her mind that she had discovered in the weeks and months since she had left Both’anah. To her disappointment the expedition to the pole was postponed, but the Albin were kind enough to grant her passage, back out of the Capital of the fungal republic. Cravanja. A remarkable and historic city. Though distinctly fungal in design, the archives, or rather the archivars, could tell of a rich history dating back to times when only Albin lived there. Underneath the old town were ruins of an old Albin village. Nicodia was woken from her thoughts by the shouts of the vessels commanding officer. He barked commands to the men and women working the ropes, sail and deck. Although they had left the eastern Albin main port, a place still under construction, she felt as if she barely had seen any Albin town. Her curiosity demanded her to see the Albin capitals, but she decided to join the Albin on the way to an island they called Naga’na. After crossing the silent sea, they had wandered across land, entered a ship that had awaited them in the sweet water sea to sail south. “I’ve never seen such weather on the sweet sea!” a tall muscular human with blonde hair but sun burnt dark skin yelled to the Albin at the rudder. He was a local and served as a guide and expert on the sweet water sea. Nicodia felt fear grab a hold of her senses, more than fear, utter panic. For moments it seemd to Nicodia that she saw bodies riding the waves, but when she turned to look they took off with the firece winds, never to be seen again. “The Naga are fleeing the waters.” Henric, the human, turned to her explaining what she saw. “As I’ve said I never saw anything like this before.” his voice barely broke through the noise the storm made. With one last violent blast the wind stopped blowing, subsequently the waves declined in their intensity and rage. Surprised at the sudden end of the violent storm all present on deck looked around. There were only blue skies, not a cloud anywhere, not even behind them. Henric was the most confused, as a local he was supposed to tell the Albin of the sweet water sea and its perks. But at that moment he himself was at a loss. “I reckon it has to do with the Naga’na pyramid.” General Kaya mumbled, she was transferred to the island, caught up with the trek that Nicodia was in at the coast to the silent sea. Nicodia followed her line of sight to a tiny pyramid on the horizon, before the waves had omitted it from sight, but it became clearer as they approached and as time went by since the waves and the storm died out. On the shore of the island were several tents, at least what the storm had left of them. A group of Albin awaited the new arrivals. They were headed by a young Albin woman in military outfit, which was highly pregnant. “Welcome to Naga’na.” she seemed distressed, but ignored the chaos behind her. “I hope the storm did not harm you in any way?” she glanced to an Albin priest who helped with the cleaning of the storm damages of the camp. “My husband, the elders and the Naga elders decided it was time to try and put root and orb together, hence the storm.” beneath Nicodias feet was a paved street, once overgrown but again löaid bare to face the elements. “How did the storm result from that?” Nicodia couldn’t refrain from asking, even if to an Albin the answer might have been obvious. “The root of the infamous and sadly extinct sandtree, is one of the two powerful ingredients that are needed to fight the Chimeras, the orb is an ancient artifact the Albin have safeguarded for millennia, we think it might be the fiery eye of the crystal serpent. When you attempt to combine such powerfull artifacts, the results are menacing. We are glad we only got this storm, and not anything worse.” Nicodia nodded. She did not understand how it came to be that the storm was created by the combination of artifacts, but she dared not to ask further questions, as the two women were talking. Rustling the bushes next to the path parted, a strong reptilian body crept out of the brushwork. Glistening scales that would drive fear into the heart of the carnals on top of the seductively formed female physique. She held her shoulder as a ragged wing hung from it, but aside of that she seemed fine. “Go to the beach, Praethon will help you.” commanded the pregnant Albin. “Well, Captain Sashja, what does the prisoner say?” Nicodia turned her attention to the two Albin again, ignoring the Naga that showed up one by one around them as they closed in on the pyramid. “She said another agent must have been involved in the combination process. One of great magical,” Sashja stopped talking and glanced over her shoulder to Nicodia, before returning her eyes back to General Kaya. The later followed her glance to Nicodia.