“No.” Nicoda stood with her arms crossed before her chest in the entrance of the pyramid. “I left Both’anah, exactely because of this!” she protested. Before her stood Praethon, Kaya and an elderly Naga. “It might save us all!” replied the Albin priest, gesturing wildly with his hands. Kaya stepped closer making the young Floral inch away further into the depths of the pyramid. “We won’t be in the same room, we will wait outside.” agitated the young floral shook her head, inching deeper into the dark hallways. “You have nectar in pure form on storage, I know it! So forget it!” she turned and ran down the long hallway. Praethoin and Kaya exchanged a glance, while the elder Naga started to purue the guest. “Did you bring some?” he raised his eyebrows. Kaya shook her head. “No, since here magic still works the elders deemed it would be a waste of it.” Sighing PRaethin turned to face the dark hallway, only the faint shimemr of the Naga’s light told of the pursuit that was going on in it. “Ever since the expedition has returned we had our stockpile shipped back home, anticipating it would soon be unnecessary.” Coughing from the other side of the room made the two turn to the person entering it. Androgynous slendering into the room Farlyn also made a sigh. “I’m afraid her nectar won’t be what we need.” the Orb rested in the hands of the Albin that once was two seperate people. It began having a negative effect on Farlyn, but still time was on the side of the Albin. “Listen girl,” the Naga slithered through the dimly lit hallways and rooms. “they have no nectar here.” she explained to the unseen listener that the nectar had been shipped home as magic was present in and around the pyramid, and that the new arrivals probably did not carry some with them as they wouldn’t use it. “She is not listening.” the pale tall Succubi leaned against her cage. “Lillian, where did she go?” As usual when someone wanted information from the ancient demon she leaned back smiling fiendishly. “She had the most peculiar smell, surely you did not notice, but for someone locked underground for thousands of years, that smell is peculiar!” she sniffed demonstrative. “A similar smell can only be found in the humid jungles far in the south, that tree,” Lillian stared at the tip of Oshuns tail stinger, ready to spray her aphrodisiac at her. “She is hiding in the puddle.” the memory of getting sprayed and having her natural desires and lust amplified thousandfold was fresh on her mind. Willing to avoid writhing in agony again she surrendered her knowledge. In a swift motion Oshun turned to the puddle in the center of the room. Frightened and confused was Nicodias expression as the Naga leaned into the puddle and pulled her out. Just at that moment had Nicodia discovered several truths about herself. She didn’t know how to wim. But also that she couldn’t sink. With the Floral in her grasp Oshun turned to Lillian again. “Tell her of the Sphinxes!” In few words Lillian described the winged doom of all magic, and all life, how it drove her to hide where the ancients locked her up. “Alright!” Nicodia yelled in protest as she writhed in Oshuns grasp. “I’ll donate you some nectar! But the quantity is of my choosing, and I have complete control of it!” Lillians eyes widened as she heard the words outside her cage. There was memory of a nectar in combination with the root and the fiery eye. It hit her like lightning. The sandtree, the young girl outside her prison smelled like the tree that gave power to those who had lost it! Sadly she had missed the opportunity to ask whether she was descendant of that tree, as Oshun had left with the girl in tow. Golden shimmers danced on the surface of the otherwise clear red liquid as Nicodia poured it from a jug into the bowl that stood on the stone plate before her. Like a procession of questionable intent she had climbed to the top of the pyramid, Praethon with the root behind her. Farlyn followed with the orb cradled in it’s hands. Oshun and Kaya also joined, while a disgruntled female beastmaster had descended from the top, after telling the endless flocks of Phoenix’ to make room once again. Carefully Praethon placed the root in the bowl, holding it tight with his hands. Like ripples in a pond, golden shimmers spread out from the root. Nicodia observed Farly placing the Orb in it, as with the root, ripples of golden shimmers spread out. The two objects displayed quite a resistance as they were pushed towards ons another. The cold autmnly winds blowing around the pyramid began to intensify, soaring they forced Nicodia to kneel down, as to not be blown away.   Far below them Albin, Naga and a few Human circle representatives fled into the pyramid as to being hit by the storm once more. Angry winds and furious waves were the only sound around the island. The only sound in Nicodias ears. Even after they ebbed down. It was the sound of disappointment. “It isn’t the stuff we need.” was the first sound Nicodia heard besides soaring and gushing, rumbling and howling. “Perhaps the Nectar is not the missing ingredient?” that was Kayas voice. “It is.” reluctantly Nicodia opened her eyes after hearing the cold and unsettling voice of Lillian again. “But not in the right state.” Nicodia found herself in the underground chsmber where the primeval succubus was imprisoned. “I only started to remember it when I saw this plant girl.” Lillian pointed vaguely in Nicodias direction. “The nectar of the tree of sand is not enough to make it! It is the honey of this growth, made in the land of Haelon.”