In light of the ever so popular Christmascalendar 2014 and 2013 I decided to add a new category to this blog:


Starting with Valentines day I will post the ugliest/weirdest/most offensive/etc. pieces that can be gifted away to all sorts of people. Mostly enemies, or relatives whom you wish were enemies. Or if you are the sort of friend one could say about “With friends like these, you don’T need enemies.”

Once a month, on the 15th (regardless of what Weekday that falls on) there will be a gift. Except in December (obviously) and in February (don’t hog all the presents, will ya?) and in what ever month easter falls in. (April 2015 for example). All other months will be covered.

With those news out of the way, I wish you a lovely Valentines day come Saturday, and a warm spring.

Take care,