Only one place in Phyllis’ memory looked as the forest and landscape did. Phyllis looked around her chamber, clouded by confusion it took her some time to realize her actual whereabouts. What had taken her from the place in her dream back to the waking world? Someone, somewhere knocked. Phyllis again needed some time to realize that the person knocking wasn’t just somewhere, but outside her door knocking at it. “Enter!” she found herself breathless and drenched in sweat. Hesitantly the door was opened by a uniformed young man she had seen a few times delivering messages. “Serves him right for not studying harder, exercising harder and trying harder, in order to be more than an errant boy.” her thoughts returned to her usual cold, but sharp precision momentarily. “Master Gajus sent me!” he immediately saluted, whilst he turned away as to not disturb her privacy. “He said to see if you were alrightvas you were missed at the breakfast table!” Phyllis jumped to her feet glancing out the window. “I am well, tell that to Gajus!” she barked rushing to the stack of clothes she had prepared for the day. Again the young man sakuted and rushed out of the room as not to anger the conjurer further.Distressed over the fact that she had slept in, something she had not done all her life as far as she could remember, Phyllis made her morning toilet, dressed and left her chamber. Though it was late in the morning she hoped to find some breakfast, even a small pot of steamed spook-mushrooms would suffice. The small mushroom was both a delicacy, and common food. Revered for the fact that it glowed in the darm, and produced floating fruition bodies filled with gas, it grew close to everywhere in the empire, it was valued for its nutrition and taste. The dinibg hall was deserted, except for some adepts sitting in a far corner, studying old texts. Annoyed that she wouldn’t get breakfast she turned on her heel and paced off, rehearsing the lecture she was supposed to give in the afternoon to a bunch of adepts. “Please act as if nothing happened!” a familiar voice hissed, although there were plenty of people around her as she rushed to the market, none of them were close enough to hiss to her so she’d understand their words. “What is it Crysallis?” she replied, hissing as well, still marching to the market with unbroken pace.”The freethinkers are planning to attack the great fungus, I was about to deliver a message to you but you came.” Crysallis was putting into use the last trick Phyllis had taught her. Invisibility.An art that Phyllis had taught to herself from ancient Albin texts left behind after the fungal war.Phyllis directed her steps towards the bake stand she usually bought her bread at, but slowed her pace as the loaves on display were not the kind of bread she preferred. “What am I to do about it?” she whispered. “Inform the magistrates, the citadel needs to be aware and ready to thwart the attack planned.” Crysallis sounded desperate, why she didn’t contact the people who had sent her to her assignment was a mystery to Phyllis, but perhaps she didn’t trust them, the freethinkers movement might run deeper into the organization of the Fungal Empire than Phyllis anticipated. “I will.” she whispered, sensing Crysallis wandering off Phyllis herself looked around the market for a few minutes in order to see whether another bakery had her favorite bread, but returned hungry and empty handed to the citadel. Degraded to a messenger herself she felt a little remorse concerning the errand boy earlier. Time on the rooftop garden was cut short for Phyllis due to her newfound responsibility. The conjurers already at the great mushroom’s fruition body tightened their security, selected individuals had been sent to the site immediately. Individuals that were loyal to the great mushroom and thus could be trusted.

Phyllis had sat down near the two Florals in the chill evening breeze that blew across the city. Clouds crawled over the mountains east of the city as the sun set behind the mountains in the west. “Tomorrow I will return to look after you a bit longer than today.” she knew very well that the two were hoping for the exact opposite, but she enjoyed the mental torment of her two flowers. “Unfortunately we will soon have to bring you indoors, we wouldn’t want you to go into a wintery hibernation that would stop your productivity, now would we?” she patted the breasts of one of the two. “If you excuse me, I will now leave you two to chat,” inhaling in a dramatized shock she held one hand to her mouth. “I forgot. Well, good night, never the less.” she waved tweeted leaving the rooftop garden. Doors locked tightly she strolled to her room, in thought still with the confuse dream, and the hissing voice. Like a guiding light from a lighthouse the whispers lead her through the day and the surprising mission for the spy network. With surprising calm did she navigate through the meetings with the magistrates and the lecture she held.



The voice had not seized whispering in her ear all day!


Phyllis, locked the door, she felt a sudden wave of anxiety rushing through her, just as she rushed to bed, throwing her clothes carelessly in a corner. Never had she felt such anxiety and joy at the prospect of going to bed. Especially not as early on that particular evening. Quickly did she go through the evening prayer to the great fungus. Ever since her earliest Childhood did the evening prayer make her feel as if she was lying down into a nest of fungal filaments, closing around her and protecting her from harm, while making her stronger in her sleep.

Cradled in her mental nest, wrapped into her worldly sheets, she soon found sleep.