The fiery figurine was gone when he turned back to where it had been dancing. Quickly he waved his hand, from the pavement of the rooftop a flame danced as it grew larger, he managed to shape it into the appearance of a mushroom, but couldn’t mold it to form a dancing girl. “For a novice, that was exceptionally good.” she smirked. “I think I can convince the magistrates to transfer you into my custody.” wandering off Ghanus followed her closely, he disliked the Florals, no matter how well they were restrained. Were it not for the crucial benefits of keeping them around, he would wipe them from the face of the world. Whispers. The woodland valley opened up before Phyllis, as savage and untamed as before. In the distance a town grew out of the forest. By the layout and architecture that fkowed witb its surroundings it was fairly obvious that itvwas Albin.

Growing in intensity the whisper seemed to move. Once again did Phyllis’ mind wander off calking forth peopke from her memory, Gajus wandered by admiring the view. The man who had raised them with military strength and determination wandered in from behind her, unlike the others other wandered through the scenery before her eyes, he stayed. “Quite a view.” he stated with his rough voice staring at the village in the distance.It changed though. Constantly the vilkage changed, grew in size and development. “Yes sir.” said eight year old Phyllis, staring down at a big and lively city. But still, it changed. The other people around had also shed thirty years. Including Duonis. “You nust know, that the place if our great capital obce was an Albin city.” he explained in a cqlm tone pointing down the valley at the capitol of the fungal empire. “It was the first thing the great fungus sensed. Slowly stretching forth its filaments beneath the soil, gathering strength and nutrition to grow.” around the city, that transformed slowly into the imperial capital city, the forest changed. Previously Phyllis had not realized that the forest was entirely plant life, no fungi, except those that were present anyways. But as Duonis spoke more and more giant mushrooms appeared in the forest around them. “You always have been listening to me.” Duonis smiled at her, something the real Duonis had done very rarely. Duonis had been a war mongering, military man. He valued discipline and loyalty over anything else. A quality he passed on to the fungals he raised. They slowly turned around. Phyllis felt her heartbeat quicken at the sight. The great fungus! In his lethargic, slowly rotting state, conjurers stood around it funneling energy to it. “Drink this.” Phyllis turned to a magistrate, snow was falling in the window behind him. A mere three wekks had passed since the invasion of Both’anah. Should Phyllis try to warn him that the Albin and the Humans were alarmed by stray Florals? Whispering all around her told her that she was in a dream and won’t be able to change anything.

Mana. The taste for it needed to be acquired, but after withdrawal from magic the taste was irrelevant, the sudden wave of ethereal energy flooding her senses was important. “It seems as if I should drink!” Duonis turned from the great fungus to sit down and drink from the provision in his backpack. The tall man sat, opened his backpack. Instead of a watercontainer he held a breast in his hand and began suckling on it.Whisper accompanied the scene, as loudly as a babbling brook that Phyllis sat right next to.Phyllis froze in position, two whispered words peeled out of the hissed murmuring.

“Come home.”