Phyllis personally oversaw the relocation of the two Florals, the room they were put intovwas the southern conference hall, for the winter it would have to be closed to conferences and other meetings of the council. “Still rather weak.” was Ghanus comment as the two were set to face the window front, so they’d receive what littke sunshine the winter days had to offer in a town that was tucked in between mountainranges to the east and west, and even higher mountains to the north. “I know.” she replied in thin voice, in addition to the discoveries of the night she felt that she had missed sleep. Slowly but surely age got to her.

“I have left you some work in our booth, go through it. No exclamations in the library!” she attempted to smile at Ghanus. Quickly she disappeared out of the citadel after the conference hall had been locked up.

Her feet lead her through the market place, absent minded she watched the bakeries, the farmers with surplus harvests and excess meat sell their goods. Deep in thoughtvshe wandered through the streets, until finding herself in front of the military headquarters.


Reluctantly she entered, passed the guards in tge entrance halls and went to the command center. “Phyllis! Old friend!” a woman rushed towards her. “Ophelia!” she successfully smiled. “I come to you with a huge request!” her smile fainted, uncertain whether she could really trust the friend of her childhood or not she risked a lot by coming to her. “For the one warning us of the freethinkers attack on the great fungus, everything!” Ophelia asked her to come along to her desk.

“What troubles you?” Ophelia had sat down next to her old friend.

“Traitors.” was Phyllis short and direct answer. “I received a warning, soon there will be another attack on the great fungus, but on the authority of someone in the command structure the guards put into place the last time, will be withdrawn.” she leaned her head against her hand, leaned against the table.

Slowly Ophelias eyes had widened as Phyllis had spoken, while pondering afterwards her eyes twitched to the sides, as if she read from a page in a folio or book. “We have to get to registrations.” she jumped from her seat, pulling Phyllis with herself. Something had crossed her desk that she was reminded of in tbe short report received by Phyllis.


“The additional guards and conjurers will be withdrawn by dawn tomorrow.” the officer behind his desk didn’t even raise his eyes to see whom he was talking to. All the while people came, stating their name, rank and division, deposing orders or demanding information. He simply relayed the orders, gave out the information and registered who withdrew the information. “It was approved by you Commander.” he showed Ophelia her signature, intending to cobtinue his otber duties. “Who issued it? It kind of slipped my memory.” Ophelia finally received eye contact from te officer. Seemingly annoyed the man glanced down the page. “A conjurer master by the name of Gajus of Duskvalley.” he paused a moment. “From the same patch as the heroess!” he looked up only at that momebt realizing Phyllis’ presence. All orders from the Citadel had to be approved by the military command. Ophelia felt sick, the order had already been sent out to the site at the great fungus. “Don’t panic.” Phyllis lead her back out. “Send another batch if them there during the night, we will sit and talk another day!” once again sbe failed at the attempt of a smile while hastily leaving the military command.