Gently, swayed by unseen and and unfelt forces, waves rolled against the soft sandy beach, warmed by the sunshine high above, reflected by the bright yellow sand of the beach. Crabs moved around, their hideouts washed out by the waves, or they themselves dragged high on the shore. Quickly looking for food and shelter their tiny legs crawled across the sand.
Seagulls swooped down on occasion to catch their food.
Tiny feet quickly rushed over the wet ground, pursued by large feet. The salty seawater mixed with salty tears. “Elenora!” the anger laden voice of a male swept across the beach like rolling thunder. “Come back here!” the words were lacking the finesse of a sober speaker. As the noise of a heavy body tumbking and fallung into the wet soft underground sounded behind her, Elenora quickened her pace although feeling relieved to have gained some more distance. More drunken shouts followed but soon trailed off in a mixture of self-loathing and sorrow.
Elenora kept running. She knew what was in store for her if she returned. Beatings, yelling and even more beating. If she was lucky. But Elenora didn’t feel lucky, her feet took her around the rocky part of the beach, the tropical forest was dense near the coast. In one of her many attempts to flee the groping, beating hands of her stepfather she had discovered a bay inside the forest.
Had not hunger driven her back to her home, she would’ve stayed. But determined to rather starve than face the horrific abuse again she wouldn’t leave the bay again.

All Elenora could hear, despite the waves of the ocean and the sounds of the forest, was her own heartbeat. She didn’t even breathe, could she do as she pleased she would’ve stopped her heart so she’d be one with the sounds around her, one with nature, completely dissolving in it so she wouldn’t be Elenora Bahkeem anymore.
A whimpering noise startled her, made her jump to her feet. “Who’s there?” her courage only showed since the voice that whimpered was definitely that of another child.
No answer. Grabbing a stick that was lying near her, she summoned all her courage to walk towards the whimpering. After a few minutes she found the source of the whimpers lying on the shore.
Elenora swallowed hard as her eyes glid over the scales of a snake like body, a human torso, leathery scaled wings and long black hair, as the child Naga was lying face down in the sand.
Reluctantly she approached, poking the Baga child with her stick, immediately assuming a defensive position afterwards. “Go ahead and kill me, that’s what you are here for, usnt it?” she turned over, lying on her wings in an uncomfortable way. Elenora clearly saw that the Naga had beeb crying, and that it was wounded. Still with great reluctance she put her stick away. “I’m not here to hurt you.”
The naga girl sighed, moved only to put her wings in a more comfortable position. “You still are going to watch me die.” she hissed, looking at her hand after she had briefly touched her bleeding wound. “I don’t want you to die” Elenora replied, tearing some cloth from her ragged clothes. She had watched fishermen do this as they had an accident at the coast.
She put the cloth on the wound in the Naga girls side. “Press it hard on the wound.” she remembered the procedure in the village, tearing more strips of cloth to form a bandage. “Now sit up.” baffled why the human girl helped her the Naga complied. Moments later she sat with an improvised bandage around her body in the soft sands. “What is your name?” Elenora sat next to her newly found acquaintance. “Name? What is that?”