“I am called Elenora Bahkeem. My name is Elenora. Who are you?”
“I am me. We don’t have what you call names.” both looked at the other as if they had just said the sky was red and the sea was made of deserts. “Where is your family?” Elenora couldn’t stand the awkwardness of the silence between them. “What is that?” the Naga girl emphasized the last word, her eyes widely opened. “Your mother, father, sisters or brothers?” Elenora began to feel as if the Naga was joking. “We lay eggs at warm depths, for a few years old Naga look out for us, the mothers go away, we are all sisters!” she smiled. “And your family?”
Elenora felt a darkness rise in her soul, ice cold hands of fear and hatred clutched her heart. “Let’s talk of something else!” she shoved the smell of cheap rum and big powerful hands on her bdy aside. “How should I call you?” the Naga girl didn’t know what to reply. “How about Venia?” still clueless as to vwhat purpose the entire name giving served the Naga girl nodded softly.
“Elenora?!” thundering thow sloppily articulated, her Name rolled through the forest like a thunderstorm catching up with her. Petrified by the sudden fear that voice brought into her heart Elenora could not move, nor reply. Venia glanced over Elenoras shoulder in the direction the voice came from. Heavy, unsteady steps stumbled through the forest.
Smells if sweat, and alcohol preceded the man before he could be seen. “Run.” Venia hissed, although the smell of the approaching man was not the smell of the fishermen who had stabbed her in the side and left her to die in the waters after pullibg her aboard with their net, they had the same stench of cheap alcohol on them. She felt anger empowering her, and she possessed a weapon that her savior didn’t have, her venom, before puberty a toxin that immobilized the victim and left it to die as all muscles in his body shut down, later it woukd change. He regret was that the fishermen had disentangled her stinger only after stabbing her .Elenora shook her head. “I can’t, already do I feel him upon me!” tears shot to her eyes rolled down the dirty cheeks. “Then remain silent.” Venia punched her savior in the face so hard that Elenora fell backwards and remained there.
Quickly she slithered towards the tree line, underneath a tree she coiled up her serpent like lower body and catapulted herself upwards to the branches, hiding in the tree just out of sight.
“Elenora! There you are, worthless little,” he stopped upon noticing the trail of blood around his step-daughter. A moment of regretting his consumption of alcohol ensued. He bent down to grab the child, Elenora screamed in terror, stopped screaming as her step-father stopped advancing towards her. There was look of terror in his eyes, slowly he turned around after the first sting. “What?” he stammered gazing upon Venia, who in turn stung a second time. “Revenge!” she hissed, sending a wave of hatred out of her mouth along with a second dose of venom out if her stinger. Acting out his drunkenness and fear of certain death he stumbled towards her, fell to the ground, attempting to crawl towards her, but ultimately stopped as his breathing became more and more shallow.