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Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep11)

In a swift motion she pushed the arrow through her tail and examined it. “Stand back!” Jeethina looked at Venia as if she’d like to kill the saltwater Naga. The one trying to yank the Arrow out of the injured, in turn looked at Jeethina for confirmation, but felt suddenly pushed aside by a bleeding tail end.Acting more on instinct than reason Venia undid the belt that held her daggers, she fashioned it around the body of her fellow Naga, just above the injury, then pulled it tight, cutting off circulation to the wound. “Hey sister!” she smiled at the injured one. “What is your name?” “Valia.” she hissed faintly.”Alright Valia, this will hurt quite a bit, but I need you to stay awake, can you do that for me?” barely noticeable Valia nodded her head in the cradle of Jeethinas hands and lower body. Using the sheath of one of her daggers Venia pushed the arrow out of the tail of the injured Naga. Screams of agony washed over the shore, invoking compassionate but also terrified looks from the others. For a brief moment Venia paused to smell the arrow. “Do we have some Nectar here?” she yelled without taking her eyes from the wounded Valia. “No, we didn’t think,” some one around her replied. “Pendant.” she cut off the speaking Naga, ordering her superior that was staring at her with a mixture of admiration and anger. As she did not react Venia leaned forward grabbing the newly found trinket, ripping it from Jeethinas neck. “Valia?” Venia stared at the fluttering eyes of the injured one, waiting for a sign that she was still with them. “This will hurt again, be strong sister!” she sighed after she saw a faint, but distinct nod.Violently she jammed the pendant into the wound, causing Valia to scream in agony once more. After having waited for a moment for Valia to caln down again Venia reached for the belt. Loosening it a bit, to allow for some bloodflow. “Rest now sister, gather your strength for the next battle.” she smiled friendly to Valia, but signaling Jeethina to follow her away from the wounded Naga.”Before you say anything, let me tell you that I am sorry if I undermined your authority again.” she bowed before the ranking Naga, the arrows in her right hand. “But these are poisoned. If I am correct, I won’t be affected.” she presented the arrows to Jeethina, who didn’t reach for them but stared at them with contempt. “Why?” she hissed turning the center of her gaze to Venias face. “You can do magic, I can’t. These arrows are poisonous only to individuals that are capable of doing magic, since it is your nature it will kill you, but not even affect me, aside from the obvious threats of getting shot by an arrow.” Venia let the arrows sink, she was worried for Elenora, hoping that she had not been injured by an arrow. “Thank you.” Jeethina lost some of her tension, her shoulder sank noticeably, turning to the wounded Valia she sighed. “Do you think she will make it?”Having no answer to that question Venia shrugged her shoulders, insepcting the arrows again. The metallic arrows had been coated in a powder that seemed to inhibit magic, the smell was not threatening like any other poison she knew, but since she and the injured Naga had almost identical wounds she figured that it must be poisonous to magic users. “The fever is going down.” a Naga yelled over to them, further confirming Venias suspicion. “If I may suggest we take her back to the ship, Nectar might be more suited to combat that stuff than the pendant.” Venia waved with the arrows as to remind Jeethina of the gravity of the situation.

Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep10)

“We’re Naga! Naga of the pyramid island on top of that!” Jeethina reminded them of their powerful heritage, fuelled by the Nectar they had drunk. “Raise a wall of silence to the outside, ready yourselves, and give us some room to investigate these ruins further!” “We don’t need to.” Venia coiled up, ready to propel herself into the air. “Thus human village was attacked a long time ago, in a bloody struggle, probably by other humans, since there are only human remains around, or their attackers were near invincible. Either way, their village was dug up by people who sought the necklaces. We can’t find any other conclusion here now, we should return to the ships.” Jeethina stared at the sea-naga. In her few words she had summarised all the facts that could be drawn from the ruins. Nodding she agreed to leave the village. All the Naga coiled up their lower, serpent like body, jumped high in the air, catching themselves with their wings, soon ascending to higher altitudes. Since their departure the ships had made much of their way to the bay, thus shortening the distance the Naga had to fly. “May I have a word with you?” Jeethina yelled against the wind, she and Venia let the others flay ahead, descending to lower altitude. “You were right back there, I give you that, but don’t you ever undermine my authority in front of others again! Am I understood?” latent anger lingered in her voice. “I thought I’d save us the trouble, I didn’t mean to,”
“But you did!” Jeethina hissed angrily before ascending again. Stumped Venia stared after her, there was a trace of anger in her heart, but she understood the reasoning behind Jeethinas anger. The masts of the two ships rose out of the sea of trees before Venia, but also a smoke column. Quickening her flight she came dangerously low to the treetops. From beneath the trees a hailstorm of arrows, some lit on fire, was unleashed upon the ships. One fire arrow had hit the sails aboard Elenoras ship, before they had erected an ethereal wall to that side of the ships facing the coast. Venia quickly made an upward turn, not far from the coast she descended into the trees, using her senses and skills to find prey, to make out enemies. Branches, twigs, leaves rained rustling and cracking down to the ground along with herself. Using the element of surprise she hastily stung two figures, before using her coiled up lower body half to propel herself into the air again. Barely having seen the hostiles she drew two daggers from a belt she had received prior to her departure from the ship. After a few dozen meters she swooped down through the branches again, attacking with daggers and stinger, once more lifting her self up after a few seconds of combat. Rain announced itself out of the deep blue sky with roaring thunder. Venia knew better, quickly dived upwards, and turned away. Screams of searing pain arose behind her. Rain of fire and acid fell from an ethereally created clouds above the forest. Around each if the clouds a sweetwater Naga circled, controlling her creation. Here and there lightning shot out of the clouds, exploding trees and air alike. Fountains of disturbed soil told of earth exploding under the bombardment. As the attackers retreated they directed their arrows upwards into the skies above them, also having seen the Naga causing the thunderstorms. Venia felt an arrow penetrating her skin near her stinger, the tip of it exited her tail on the upper side. A rush of adrenaline went through her, a lot of anger and the primordial hatred of a wounded animal rushed to her head. Quickly she looked around to land, but only saw forests and the shoreline. The other Naga were in retreat as well, but after a few moments the upward hailstorm of arrows stopped. “Pull it out!” Venia landed close to a group of Naga. They stood around one that had been wounded like her. “Did it injure the poison glands?” “No.” “She is goinginto  shock!” The words around the group were hectic and close to panic, they had retreated to a relatively secluded part of the shore, three of them guarded the sides facing landwards, Jeethina shouted commands to the other Naga. Calmly sheathing her daggers Venia leaned to her injury.

Passive aggressive Kitty

Someome, somewhere, harbours a hatred for Hello Kitty with a ferocity of a pschotic maniac, yet the restraints of intellect like any civilised person.

That person obviously is in charge of handling the licensing of Hello Kitty products.

How do I know? Well, some time ago I stumbled upon this item here.

Hello Kitty Babypowder scented kitty litter, although Hello Kitty isn’t a cat, someone gave the license away so real felines can defecate in it.

Odd, slightly annoying and certainly not for real cats, despite the claims on the box.
But at that point in time, okay.

Then I came upon this.

Hello Kitty toilet paper.

So real people could wipe the remains of feces away with it.

The passive aggressive hatred towards Hello Kitty that is displayed with these two products (especially in combination), speaks volumes after volumes.

My question is, who on this earth (or in that company) is dumb enough to let the one individual on the planet that hates Hello Kitty that much, handle the licensing?
Whats next?
Hello Kitty – Laxatives?
Hello Kitty – Portable Toilets?
Hello Kitty – Nuclear Missiles?

In any case, I’m looking forward to more of these insane products. Keep your eyes open for the Crappy Birthdays.

Take care,

Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep09)

“Why were they dug up?” she looked around, stopping her gaze at Venia. “Magic perhaps?” the saltwater Naga retreated from the rooms further back, after finding the remains of children she had seen enough for her liking. A similar picture presented itself in the other houses of the village, but even more skulls were staring out of the mounds around the village, but only those of grown men. An eerie silence was lying over the entire village and its vicinity. Only sounds of insects and birds sounded through the ruins. “If I had to guess,” Jeethina again looked around, her fellow Naga kept watch and were alarmed over the discoveries, ready to fight in what ever means necessary. Suspicion on her look Jeethina bowed down to the ground in the village square. “There was a well here.” she sniffed a few centimeters above the ground. “I see an ethereal shimmer here. That must be why the village was dug up.” she waved the others to move away from her, Venia watched her concentrate her powers into a small spherical charge in her hands. Catapulting herself into the air she threw the discharge into the well.Soil, small rock fragments and bone fragments were exploding from it as a fountain of destruction and death. In the center of the settling dust Jeethina landed next to freshly excavated well. Slowly she handled herself down the hole, stemming her wings against the sides of the well, after a few moments she emerged, a small object in her hand. Upon removing some of the soil from it, it turned out as a piece of jewelry, a pendant wirn around the neck. “It must be of the same material as the stones the desert wraith carries.” Jeethina mumbled still studying the strange pendant. Venia looked down the well, many corpses had been thrown down the well, as many skulls and bones were lying around in the disturbed, wet earth. But since only one pendant was to be found in it she figured only select individuals had them. “Whoever had dug up the village didn’t know about the well.” Jeethina agreed with Venias conclusion, the other Naga were still on edge, nervously reacting to every noise in the forest around them. Also becoming suspicious about their surroundings Jeethina put the pendant around her own neck, looking around. “We ought to leave.” Venia trusted her nise more than she trusted the ethereal senses of tge others. “Something is close by, neither our approach nor the exhumation went unnoticed.” The Naga keeping watch agreed, nervously inching around.

Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep08)

Jeethina, the lead Naga, who had at first been distant to Venia and Elenora, but later warmed up to them, even befriended the two, swooped down between sails, pulled up, stopped in midair and slowly let herself glide to the deck. “It is land, vast and fruitful as far as we saw.” she smiled immediately after landing on the planks. “But there are strange smells coming from the thick, lush forests.” Jeethina was not certain how to describe her impressions, other than with the adjective strange. It was a foreign continent, and almost all smells were unfamiliar to her and her fellow Naga on their approach, but mixed into it was a smell that disturbed her senses. Almost human, but eerily different. “I would advise extreme caution. There is a bay with soft beaches ideal for landing.” she pointed backboard ahead. Matching the direction she gave, Tharlan adjusted the rudder. With a few commands in the Albin tongue he ordered archers and mages to the Deck. Bottles of watered down Nectar were handed out, although most of the ship was well within the range of Tamirs stones. “Here.” Tamir smilingly took Elenoras hand, put a pebble inside it. Although feeling its effects all the while it felt like an explosion of her senses as she touched it. Ethereal colors sprung to life around her, she felt all of the world resonating in the stone, her abilities were just a fingertip away. By the wink of a finger she could summon fires, flows of energy and corrupt matter. “Thank you!” she whispered surprised. By the fact that she received a pebble, and by the circumstance that a man had touched her and she didn’t feel spoiled by it. “I noticed you couldn’t take your eyes off of mine, so I figured you deserve one.” he had distanced himself again from her, also well aware of her dislike for men.While Elenora still studied the pebble in her hand Tamir left her side, to her eyes the surface of stone was shining in more colors than a rainbow. The underbrush near the shore was undisturbed and peaceful, while Tamir and Andrea kept their eyes on Elenora, Venia had followed Jeethina back to the land before them. Beyond the shore a vast land opened up, stretching to the horizon in the west, a mountain range in the north and shores to the ocean in the south. An eerily strange smell came to Venias nose, different from anything she knew. Disturbing the peace of high altitude a loud shout drew her attention. Jeethina pointed at a patch in the forest, the other Naga were circling above it, no doubt to signal them. As they came closer one by one they plunged down to the ground. Venia landed on the square of a long abandoned village. “Report!” Jeethina had landed at the same time. “Abandoned for a long time, it is a wonder it had not been overgrown ever since.”Doubtful Venia slithered around. “I think it was overgrown.” she pointed at huge mounds around the village, grasses and small bushes grew on them. “About two years ago it was exhumed.” “Around the time magic had waned.” Jeethina stated dryly. Reluctantly Venia slithered towards one of the ruins, inside, out of the grassy surface of a heap of earth, a naked skull grinned its deathly smile at her. In other parts of the house other skulls peeked out of the soil, mossy and dirty, telling silent tales of a long past conflict, as some of them were badly damaged, presumably their cause of death. “Those were humans.” Jeethina sighed looking closer at the skull in the first room of the house.

Observations 170415

On recent stop with the family in a Café I made an observation.

People who sit there with their notebooks or tablets, and “write” or “work”, are actually sitting there to be seen.
They’re not writing/working. They are presenting themselves.

If you are in an inspirational flow, in my experience, you couldn’t care less for your actual surroundings. You do not go and seek out a Café to get your work done.
Perhaps it wouldn’t disturb you if you were “in the zone” and the cluttering, muttering and other noisy air around you buzzing with distraction.
But generally – nope. Just there to be seen.

Another sickening symptom of our ill fated times. Instead of writing great novels, plays, poetry, or getting that presentation done, people prefer to sit in one of the noisiest surroundings imaginable, to be seen.

I weep for all that ill guided creativity flushed down the drain of modern pop culturual, self delusional, narcissism.

Written, as usual, on the subway. Inspired by 15 minutes sitting in a café, annoyed by the cluttering, muttering, mumbling, humming, faint echo music playing, steaming, knocking, mess that is a Café (which includes Starfbucks on this one occasion)

Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep07)

Were it nit for the stone in Tamirs pocket, she would have the same powers that Venia possessed, but couldn’t join the Naga of the salty seas. The two were brought before a tent in which other Naga had their accommodations. “In two days time we will set sail, prepare yourselves for the journey.” she left the two alone with the strange Naga, as she too felt the urge to return in the close proximity of the stone in Tamirs pocket. “We have brought a gift as a sign that, at least for the duration of this crisis, our two sides may be as one!” Tamir took another pebble out of the pouch on his belt, he handed it to Tharlan, who passed it on to Andrea. As soon as she touched it the power it enabled her to was felt, although she previously was within the range of the gems. “Perhaps, we should overcome our differences for the time being.” she smirked. “The ship with the Nectar, I hope won’t need, will arrive tomorrow. After distributing it, we will leave the day after.”  Tharlan greeted the two humans with a bow, befire he retreated to the camp as well. Tharlan stood at the rudder of the main ship, it had been difficult to find a solution for his diverse guest aboard the two large vessels. Men who were scared of the Naga, Circle members, human warriors true to the church, who refused close proximity to the desert wraith, and of course the two women from the beach. There were moments he doubted that two ships were enough to accommodate all these needs. “Land is out of sight.” the shout from the crows nest was satisfying, none of the people could look back, second guess their decision to join the expedition and turn back. “Bring that Naga to me, we need more details on the ocean here.” the Albin woman he ordered nodded, turned and disappeared below deck, only to return moments later with Venia and Elenora. None of them, including the sailor in the crows nest took notice of a majestic three master on the horizon matching their course for some time, before setting course for the coast, up northwards along the eastern shore.”Land!” Elenora rushed to the bow of the ship. Seeing a shoreline after close to two months at sea was a great relief. On an island they had stopped and refilled their water supply. Other than a few Naga, who were only discovered thanks to the Naga aboard the ship, the island had not been populated. There was not much of wildlife to be found, the trees bore no edible fruit. In anticipation of something other than fish for foid Elenora wished she could fly up ahead as her Naga friends did. Only Venia remained with her on the ship, both looked at the shrinking shaped of the Naga that flew to the shore. Bith had found new friends among them.”I hope it’s not just another island.” Elenora rested her head on her hands, elbows stemned against the ship. “Me too.” Venia felt as if all the years she had lived with Elenora on land had made her a stranger to the sea. Studying the faces of all the crewmembers on deck Venia turned once completely around. Albin, Floral, Fungal men and women fulfilled their duties, but in their eyes the desire to reach dry land lingered like faint stars in early evening sky. The only humans aboard were the desert Wraith, and Andrea. Other circle members and Soldiers had stayed on the other ship. “Some are returning.” Elenora stood up, incapable of averting her eyes from the flying serpent women she noticed first. As they came closer Venia and Elenora slowly moved to the rudder to Tharlans side.

From the private log.

Saw a shooting star back there, and I know not the wish I made…

I came to the mind numbing conclusion, although I always make the same conscious wish, the unconscious mind, let’s call him Jay, is a bit faster.
A bit more…encompassing.

I don’t know how to word the thoughts sometimes gurgled up from Jay. How to describe the wish that is present from the subconscious every time there is “occassion” for one.
It is an emotion, a mixture of feelings, an army of thoughts, determined and pronounced.
Pronounced in a tongue not spoken by any.

For a fleeting fraction of a moment – wind breaking in the sparsely leafing branches of the brass wood and the chestnut trees, fading smells of blooming violets and other blossoms and blooms fragrant in the air, my eyes skyward, a streak of light, gone before l can fix on it – my subconscious reveals itself to me. Although by all rules and regulations, that first wish is binding (think Ghostbusters!), I consciously try to override Jay and his decision.
Not really knowing if I’m overriding, or confirming.

I saw a shootingstar back there, and I know not my wish that I had made…

Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep06)

Only moments later the two were following the tracks left behind by the men from the desert. “Unacceptable!” a woman in traditional robes of the circle argued loudly. Elenora and Venia kept in the underbrush near the encampment, watching and listening. “How can you expect the circle to work together with these renegades?” she pointed at the desert wraith, her fury over their presence was almost tangible, Elenora enjoyed the feeling of the ethereal flowing through herself. “They are magical savages! Wildly breeding mage with mage, this might have unforseen consequences! It is clearly forbidden in the rules of the circle!” “M’lady!” again it was Tamir who spoke for the representatives. “My parents both were wraith, ethereal masterminds, and I assure you, any bad experiences you had with such children in the circle were because you expected it, after one or two went terribly wrong! If you restrict your desires and live with restrictions such as celibacy, it is you who is the savage!” in his voice was calm reason instead of incandescent hatred. “Please! We need both of your factions, as you need one another.” a man positioned himself between the two. Immediately the two spectators knew that he was not human. Venia gently tapped Elenoras shoulder, pointed at another group of people. Naga!Immediately any inhibitions concerning Venias presence fell off of the two. The non human man in the discussion between the circle mage and Tamir looked directly at the two, although still hidden from sight. “We have visitors anyway.” he stepped towards them, urging Elenora and Venia to emerge from their hideout. “These two had pointed us in your direction three nights ago.” Tamir explained their knowledge of the location of the camp.”We would like to join.” Elenora normally wouldn’t dare to speak up, but the proximity to the stone in Tamirs pocket made ger feel strong. “Impossible! Out contingent is full!” the woman raised voice and hands, instinctively Venia assumed a more aggressive pose whilst Elenora raised an ethereal shield. “Another savage!” the circle mage lowered her hands, turned away in disgust. “Why do you think you could contribute to this journey?” the strange man, an Albin as the two would soon discover, stepped between the new arrivals and Andrea. “I know every current in these oceans, and I have heard of wonders from the far shores of these waves.” Venia looked to Elenora. “And where I go, she goes, where she goes, I go.” Elenora couldn’t help but always glance to Tamirs pocket, the elderly wraith noticed with a smirk. “I think they should accompany us, Tharlan.”The Albin nodded slowly, but sensing the troubled nature Elenoras he waved two Naga over to accompany the two to the staging camp. “You differ from all Naga I have ever met.” Venia looked the Naga up and down. Subtle differences in the color of their scales gave them away to a Nagas eye only. “We have left the salty sea ages ago.” the Naga seemed annoyed. “Though we have gained the great gift of being able to access the ethereal, we no longer can live in the salty sea!” a hint of jealousy lingered in her words.

Weekend at Grandpa’s





Spending the afternoon at my father-in-law’s. While my son is running around keeping his grandpa busy, I take a few pictures.

Have a nice Sunday.