Pityless and cold was Venias gaze on her victim as she finally slithered by him to help Elenora back up. “He will not be a problem to you anymore.” her lisp clearly sounded. Reluctantly Elenora got up and stared at her lifeless tormentor. Tears rolled down her eyes. “I hate you. I hate you so much!” she screamed on top of her lungs, clearly addressing her dying step-father. A flame shot out of the wound Venias first sting had left. Both girls inched away in surprise.
Last moans arose from the man.
“I believe you can do magic.” Venia commented on the flames engulfing the man, as her poison couldn’t set prey on fire.

“Venia?” from the waters in the lagoon rose a large scaled body, water ran down female curves, an ample bosom, luscious hips mounding into a snake like body. “Yes Elenora?”
Covered in cloth that had been in use for many years a young woman emerged from the undergrowth of the cove she and her Baga friend had relocated to many years before. “How was it?” Elenora sat down, dipping her toes into the seawater. “Annoying as every year.” Venia slithered on the shore, she spread her wibgs and let the sunshine warm and dry her. “How did you know I was here already?” Venias lisp gad become less pronounced over the years, but still showed. “Intuition I guess.” Elenora pulled her legs up close and leaned her face against her knees. “Your powers have not returned yet?”
Worried Elenora shook her head a bit, instead studied her Friend as the scales glistened in the sunshine, most people, men and women alike, would be afraid of that glistening, but to Elenora these glistening scales were part of the only positive thing in her life. “I have heard rumors at the breeding grounds.” Venia sat up, facing her friend. “Others have lost their powers as well.”
For a moment Elenora stopped breathing, sat up straight as well. “Humans?”, a gentle nodding was her reply. A wave of fire and ice went through Elenora. Venia reported of all magic creatures the Naga came into contact, in what ever way, had lost the ability to summon their powers unless they had substances to allow them the temporary access to the ethereal. “Actually!” Venia got up to her full size when on land. “There is a plant, it makes juices, that is made into honey, which in turn even gives a Naga magical powers!” Venia spread her wing and arms to the sides gazing into the sky at her exclamation.
Fascinated, listening with a slightly open mouth Elenora was amazed, anxious even, to get the honey.
To her disappointment Venia also had to report that the honey in question could only be found far across the ocean.