Dawn sent it’s first signs far in the east, the emissaries from the desert wraith had soon left the vicinity of the little hut in the woods. Breakfast was cooking on the fireplace, but Elenora was not in a good mood. Soon after the Wraith had left, her powers vanished again, she was again reduced to being powerless.
Talks about an Albin expedition to the east, talks about the honey that her companion had spoke of, were restlessly wandering around her mind. “These men have upset you, didn’t they?” Venias hissed words woke her from thought. “No. Their little gem has. Or rather it’s absence now.”
A worried sigh later Elenora shook her head. “It doesn’t matter, but I feel so helpless without my powers.” slowly the Naga settled down next to her friend. “We still could catch up with them and take it? I’m certain the fate of the world doesn’t rest with those people alone, and their deaths would mean little if any change in the grand scheme of things.” amused by the radical idea Elenora chuckled, laying her arms around Venia. “Thanks for cheering me up, but that isn’t a choice.” Venia returned the hug.
“It was not to cheer you up, I meant it.”
“I know.” Elenora sat back up straight. A curious thought came to her mind. If it was possible to catch up to them, it would be possible to join them as well. Bewildered by her own readiness to join other humans, men on top of that, she shook her head. “You want to join them, don’t you?” Venia seemed saddened by the though she had seen reflected in Elenoras eyes. “Not without you! Since you don’t venture near them, I shall not either.” the two had spent mist of their lives together, knew what the other was thinking before the other had gully realized it herself. It was not difficult for either of them to jump ahead in any discussion they had. It saved them time arguing.”I could accompany you. If we calm them to the point where as they don’t perceive me as a threat.” Long and intense silence followed, Elenora and Venia stared at each other not saying a word, from time to time one would twitch and glance away for a moment as in a heated discussion. Instead of continuing their discussion they turned away and packed a few things.