Only moments later the two were following the tracks left behind by the men from the desert. “Unacceptable!” a woman in traditional robes of the circle argued loudly. Elenora and Venia kept in the underbrush near the encampment, watching and listening. “How can you expect the circle to work together with these renegades?” she pointed at the desert wraith, her fury over their presence was almost tangible, Elenora enjoyed the feeling of the ethereal flowing through herself. “They are magical savages! Wildly breeding mage with mage, this might have unforseen consequences! It is clearly forbidden in the rules of the circle!” “M’lady!” again it was Tamir who spoke for the representatives. “My parents both were wraith, ethereal masterminds, and I assure you, any bad experiences you had with such children in the circle were because you expected it, after one or two went terribly wrong! If you restrict your desires and live with restrictions such as celibacy, it is you who is the savage!” in his voice was calm reason instead of incandescent hatred. “Please! We need both of your factions, as you need one another.” a man positioned himself between the two. Immediately the two spectators knew that he was not human. Venia gently tapped Elenoras shoulder, pointed at another group of people. Naga!Immediately any inhibitions concerning Venias presence fell off of the two. The non human man in the discussion between the circle mage and Tamir looked directly at the two, although still hidden from sight. “We have visitors anyway.” he stepped towards them, urging Elenora and Venia to emerge from their hideout. “These two had pointed us in your direction three nights ago.” Tamir explained their knowledge of the location of the camp.”We would like to join.” Elenora normally wouldn’t dare to speak up, but the proximity to the stone in Tamirs pocket made ger feel strong. “Impossible! Out contingent is full!” the woman raised voice and hands, instinctively Venia assumed a more aggressive pose whilst Elenora raised an ethereal shield. “Another savage!” the circle mage lowered her hands, turned away in disgust. “Why do you think you could contribute to this journey?” the strange man, an Albin as the two would soon discover, stepped between the new arrivals and Andrea. “I know every current in these oceans, and I have heard of wonders from the far shores of these waves.” Venia looked to Elenora. “And where I go, she goes, where she goes, I go.” Elenora couldn’t help but always glance to Tamirs pocket, the elderly wraith noticed with a smirk. “I think they should accompany us, Tharlan.”The Albin nodded slowly, but sensing the troubled nature Elenoras he waved two Naga over to accompany the two to the staging camp. “You differ from all Naga I have ever met.” Venia looked the Naga up and down. Subtle differences in the color of their scales gave them away to a Nagas eye only. “We have left the salty sea ages ago.” the Naga seemed annoyed. “Though we have gained the great gift of being able to access the ethereal, we no longer can live in the salty sea!” a hint of jealousy lingered in her words.