Were it nit for the stone in Tamirs pocket, she would have the same powers that Venia possessed, but couldn’t join the Naga of the salty seas. The two were brought before a tent in which other Naga had their accommodations. “In two days time we will set sail, prepare yourselves for the journey.” she left the two alone with the strange Naga, as she too felt the urge to return in the close proximity of the stone in Tamirs pocket. “We have brought a gift as a sign that, at least for the duration of this crisis, our two sides may be as one!” Tamir took another pebble out of the pouch on his belt, he handed it to Tharlan, who passed it on to Andrea. As soon as she touched it the power it enabled her to was felt, although she previously was within the range of the gems. “Perhaps, we should overcome our differences for the time being.” she smirked. “The ship with the Nectar, I hope won’t need, will arrive tomorrow. After distributing it, we will leave the day after.”  Tharlan greeted the two humans with a bow, befire he retreated to the camp as well. Tharlan stood at the rudder of the main ship, it had been difficult to find a solution for his diverse guest aboard the two large vessels. Men who were scared of the Naga, Circle members, human warriors true to the church, who refused close proximity to the desert wraith, and of course the two women from the beach. There were moments he doubted that two ships were enough to accommodate all these needs. “Land is out of sight.” the shout from the crows nest was satisfying, none of the people could look back, second guess their decision to join the expedition and turn back. “Bring that Naga to me, we need more details on the ocean here.” the Albin woman he ordered nodded, turned and disappeared below deck, only to return moments later with Venia and Elenora. None of them, including the sailor in the crows nest took notice of a majestic three master on the horizon matching their course for some time, before setting course for the coast, up northwards along the eastern shore.”Land!” Elenora rushed to the bow of the ship. Seeing a shoreline after close to two months at sea was a great relief. On an island they had stopped and refilled their water supply. Other than a few Naga, who were only discovered thanks to the Naga aboard the ship, the island had not been populated. There was not much of wildlife to be found, the trees bore no edible fruit. In anticipation of something other than fish for foid Elenora wished she could fly up ahead as her Naga friends did. Only Venia remained with her on the ship, both looked at the shrinking shaped of the Naga that flew to the shore. Bith had found new friends among them.”I hope it’s not just another island.” Elenora rested her head on her hands, elbows stemned against the ship. “Me too.” Venia felt as if all the years she had lived with Elenora on land had made her a stranger to the sea. Studying the faces of all the crewmembers on deck Venia turned once completely around. Albin, Floral, Fungal men and women fulfilled their duties, but in their eyes the desire to reach dry land lingered like faint stars in early evening sky. The only humans aboard were the desert Wraith, and Andrea. Other circle members and Soldiers had stayed on the other ship. “Some are returning.” Elenora stood up, incapable of averting her eyes from the flying serpent women she noticed first. As they came closer Venia and Elenora slowly moved to the rudder to Tharlans side.