Jeethina, the lead Naga, who had at first been distant to Venia and Elenora, but later warmed up to them, even befriended the two, swooped down between sails, pulled up, stopped in midair and slowly let herself glide to the deck. “It is land, vast and fruitful as far as we saw.” she smiled immediately after landing on the planks. “But there are strange smells coming from the thick, lush forests.” Jeethina was not certain how to describe her impressions, other than with the adjective strange. It was a foreign continent, and almost all smells were unfamiliar to her and her fellow Naga on their approach, but mixed into it was a smell that disturbed her senses. Almost human, but eerily different. “I would advise extreme caution. There is a bay with soft beaches ideal for landing.” she pointed backboard ahead. Matching the direction she gave, Tharlan adjusted the rudder. With a few commands in the Albin tongue he ordered archers and mages to the Deck. Bottles of watered down Nectar were handed out, although most of the ship was well within the range of Tamirs stones. “Here.” Tamir smilingly took Elenoras hand, put a pebble inside it. Although feeling its effects all the while it felt like an explosion of her senses as she touched it. Ethereal colors sprung to life around her, she felt all of the world resonating in the stone, her abilities were just a fingertip away. By the wink of a finger she could summon fires, flows of energy and corrupt matter. “Thank you!” she whispered surprised. By the fact that she received a pebble, and by the circumstance that a man had touched her and she didn’t feel spoiled by it. “I noticed you couldn’t take your eyes off of mine, so I figured you deserve one.” he had distanced himself again from her, also well aware of her dislike for men.While Elenora still studied the pebble in her hand Tamir left her side, to her eyes the surface of stone was shining in more colors than a rainbow. The underbrush near the shore was undisturbed and peaceful, while Tamir and Andrea kept their eyes on Elenora, Venia had followed Jeethina back to the land before them. Beyond the shore a vast land opened up, stretching to the horizon in the west, a mountain range in the north and shores to the ocean in the south. An eerily strange smell came to Venias nose, different from anything she knew. Disturbing the peace of high altitude a loud shout drew her attention. Jeethina pointed at a patch in the forest, the other Naga were circling above it, no doubt to signal them. As they came closer one by one they plunged down to the ground. Venia landed on the square of a long abandoned village. “Report!” Jeethina had landed at the same time. “Abandoned for a long time, it is a wonder it had not been overgrown ever since.”Doubtful Venia slithered around. “I think it was overgrown.” she pointed at huge mounds around the village, grasses and small bushes grew on them. “About two years ago it was exhumed.” “Around the time magic had waned.” Jeethina stated dryly. Reluctantly Venia slithered towards one of the ruins, inside, out of the grassy surface of a heap of earth, a naked skull grinned its deathly smile at her. In other parts of the house other skulls peeked out of the soil, mossy and dirty, telling silent tales of a long past conflict, as some of them were badly damaged, presumably their cause of death. “Those were humans.” Jeethina sighed looking closer at the skull in the first room of the house.