“Why were they dug up?” she looked around, stopping her gaze at Venia. “Magic perhaps?” the saltwater Naga retreated from the rooms further back, after finding the remains of children she had seen enough for her liking. A similar picture presented itself in the other houses of the village, but even more skulls were staring out of the mounds around the village, but only those of grown men. An eerie silence was lying over the entire village and its vicinity. Only sounds of insects and birds sounded through the ruins. “If I had to guess,” Jeethina again looked around, her fellow Naga kept watch and were alarmed over the discoveries, ready to fight in what ever means necessary. Suspicion on her look Jeethina bowed down to the ground in the village square. “There was a well here.” she sniffed a few centimeters above the ground. “I see an ethereal shimmer here. That must be why the village was dug up.” she waved the others to move away from her, Venia watched her concentrate her powers into a small spherical charge in her hands. Catapulting herself into the air she threw the discharge into the well.Soil, small rock fragments and bone fragments were exploding from it as a fountain of destruction and death. In the center of the settling dust Jeethina landed next to freshly excavated well. Slowly she handled herself down the hole, stemming her wings against the sides of the well, after a few moments she emerged, a small object in her hand. Upon removing some of the soil from it, it turned out as a piece of jewelry, a pendant wirn around the neck. “It must be of the same material as the stones the desert wraith carries.” Jeethina mumbled still studying the strange pendant. Venia looked down the well, many corpses had been thrown down the well, as many skulls and bones were lying around in the disturbed, wet earth. But since only one pendant was to be found in it she figured only select individuals had them. “Whoever had dug up the village didn’t know about the well.” Jeethina agreed with Venias conclusion, the other Naga were still on edge, nervously reacting to every noise in the forest around them. Also becoming suspicious about their surroundings Jeethina put the pendant around her own neck, looking around. “We ought to leave.” Venia trusted her nise more than she trusted the ethereal senses of tge others. “Something is close by, neither our approach nor the exhumation went unnoticed.” The Naga keeping watch agreed, nervously inching around.