“We’re Naga! Naga of the pyramid island on top of that!” Jeethina reminded them of their powerful heritage, fuelled by the Nectar they had drunk. “Raise a wall of silence to the outside, ready yourselves, and give us some room to investigate these ruins further!” “We don’t need to.” Venia coiled up, ready to propel herself into the air. “Thus human village was attacked a long time ago, in a bloody struggle, probably by other humans, since there are only human remains around, or their attackers were near invincible. Either way, their village was dug up by people who sought the necklaces. We can’t find any other conclusion here now, we should return to the ships.” Jeethina stared at the sea-naga. In her few words she had summarised all the facts that could be drawn from the ruins. Nodding she agreed to leave the village. All the Naga coiled up their lower, serpent like body, jumped high in the air, catching themselves with their wings, soon ascending to higher altitudes. Since their departure the ships had made much of their way to the bay, thus shortening the distance the Naga had to fly. “May I have a word with you?” Jeethina yelled against the wind, she and Venia let the others flay ahead, descending to lower altitude. “You were right back there, I give you that, but don’t you ever undermine my authority in front of others again! Am I understood?” latent anger lingered in her voice. “I thought I’d save us the trouble, I didn’t mean to,”
“But you did!” Jeethina hissed angrily before ascending again. Stumped Venia stared after her, there was a trace of anger in her heart, but she understood the reasoning behind Jeethinas anger. The masts of the two ships rose out of the sea of trees before Venia, but also a smoke column. Quickening her flight she came dangerously low to the treetops. From beneath the trees a hailstorm of arrows, some lit on fire, was unleashed upon the ships. One fire arrow had hit the sails aboard Elenoras ship, before they had erected an ethereal wall to that side of the ships facing the coast. Venia quickly made an upward turn, not far from the coast she descended into the trees, using her senses and skills to find prey, to make out enemies. Branches, twigs, leaves rained rustling and cracking down to the ground along with herself. Using the element of surprise she hastily stung two figures, before using her coiled up lower body half to propel herself into the air again. Barely having seen the hostiles she drew two daggers from a belt she had received prior to her departure from the ship. After a few dozen meters she swooped down through the branches again, attacking with daggers and stinger, once more lifting her self up after a few seconds of combat. Rain announced itself out of the deep blue sky with roaring thunder. Venia knew better, quickly dived upwards, and turned away. Screams of searing pain arose behind her. Rain of fire and acid fell from an ethereally created clouds above the forest. Around each if the clouds a sweetwater Naga circled, controlling her creation. Here and there lightning shot out of the clouds, exploding trees and air alike. Fountains of disturbed soil told of earth exploding under the bombardment. As the attackers retreated they directed their arrows upwards into the skies above them, also having seen the Naga causing the thunderstorms. Venia felt an arrow penetrating her skin near her stinger, the tip of it exited her tail on the upper side. A rush of adrenaline went through her, a lot of anger and the primordial hatred of a wounded animal rushed to her head. Quickly she looked around to land, but only saw forests and the shoreline. The other Naga were in retreat as well, but after a few moments the upward hailstorm of arrows stopped. “Pull it out!” Venia landed close to a group of Naga. They stood around one that had been wounded like her. “Did it injure the poison glands?” “No.” “She is goinginto  shock!” The words around the group were hectic and close to panic, they had retreated to a relatively secluded part of the shore, three of them guarded the sides facing landwards, Jeethina shouted commands to the other Naga. Calmly sheathing her daggers Venia leaned to her injury.