In a swift motion she pushed the arrow through her tail and examined it. “Stand back!” Jeethina looked at Venia as if she’d like to kill the saltwater Naga. The one trying to yank the Arrow out of the injured, in turn looked at Jeethina for confirmation, but felt suddenly pushed aside by a bleeding tail end.Acting more on instinct than reason Venia undid the belt that held her daggers, she fashioned it around the body of her fellow Naga, just above the injury, then pulled it tight, cutting off circulation to the wound. “Hey sister!” she smiled at the injured one. “What is your name?” “Valia.” she hissed faintly.”Alright Valia, this will hurt quite a bit, but I need you to stay awake, can you do that for me?” barely noticeable Valia nodded her head in the cradle of Jeethinas hands and lower body. Using the sheath of one of her daggers Venia pushed the arrow out of the tail of the injured Naga. Screams of agony washed over the shore, invoking compassionate but also terrified looks from the others. For a brief moment Venia paused to smell the arrow. “Do we have some Nectar here?” she yelled without taking her eyes from the wounded Valia. “No, we didn’t think,” some one around her replied. “Pendant.” she cut off the speaking Naga, ordering her superior that was staring at her with a mixture of admiration and anger. As she did not react Venia leaned forward grabbing the newly found trinket, ripping it from Jeethinas neck. “Valia?” Venia stared at the fluttering eyes of the injured one, waiting for a sign that she was still with them. “This will hurt again, be strong sister!” she sighed after she saw a faint, but distinct nod.Violently she jammed the pendant into the wound, causing Valia to scream in agony once more. After having waited for a moment for Valia to caln down again Venia reached for the belt. Loosening it a bit, to allow for some bloodflow. “Rest now sister, gather your strength for the next battle.” she smiled friendly to Valia, but signaling Jeethina to follow her away from the wounded Naga.”Before you say anything, let me tell you that I am sorry if I undermined your authority again.” she bowed before the ranking Naga, the arrows in her right hand. “But these are poisoned. If I am correct, I won’t be affected.” she presented the arrows to Jeethina, who didn’t reach for them but stared at them with contempt. “Why?” she hissed turning the center of her gaze to Venias face. “You can do magic, I can’t. These arrows are poisonous only to individuals that are capable of doing magic, since it is your nature it will kill you, but not even affect me, aside from the obvious threats of getting shot by an arrow.” Venia let the arrows sink, she was worried for Elenora, hoping that she had not been injured by an arrow. “Thank you.” Jeethina lost some of her tension, her shoulder sank noticeably, turning to the wounded Valia she sighed. “Do you think she will make it?”Having no answer to that question Venia shrugged her shoulders, insepcting the arrows again. The metallic arrows had been coated in a powder that seemed to inhibit magic, the smell was not threatening like any other poison she knew, but since she and the injured Naga had almost identical wounds she figured that it must be poisonous to magic users. “The fever is going down.” a Naga yelled over to them, further confirming Venias suspicion. “If I may suggest we take her back to the ship, Nectar might be more suited to combat that stuff than the pendant.” Venia waved with the arrows as to remind Jeethina of the gravity of the situation.