A short stern nod was Jeethinas agreeing reply, slithering close to Valia she waved another over, the two lifted the injured Naga below the armpits, then coiled up their sepent like rear ends. Moments later the three were in the air, struggeling with the air currents as they had to adjust to the changed conditions for their wings. Venia too lifted off, heading on to the ship, again worried sick for Elenoras wellbeing.A smoking column with a few incinerated horizontal beams stood where once the main mast had been, despite a quickly invoked downpour by Andrea, the fire had wreaked havoc on the sails and mast. A few Albin and Human mages had been hit by arrows on the two ships. Within minutes after they had been hit most had developed a high fever and died short after.Venia stood above Tamir, he had tied off his arm after taking an arrow in the first attack wave, just like others he already ran a high fever. Not waiting to explain her theory to anyone, Venia reached for a bottle of Nectar a dead Albin priestess carried on her belt. “This’ll hurt!” she cried onto him, pushing the arrow out and immediately pouring the diluted Nectar into the wound. The deck was filled with agonized screams, which ebbed down into a whimpering after a few moments. “Where is Elenora?” she still yelled although her surroundings had quieted down after his screams. “I’m here.” behind Venia, Elenora emerged from a small cloud of smoke. Venia rushed to her, taking the young woman into her arms. “Thank goodness.” she breathed, hoping to never having to worry about Elenora again. “You were wounded!” shrieking Elenora wanted to aid the wound on Venias tail. “The poison only acts on individuals who do magic.” immediately she calmed her friend. Looking around the dead Jeethina got worried, though only a handful of people had fallen, Tharlan was one of them. Still she hoped that an Albin would assume command over the vessel, or a desert wraith. Or at least one of the few fungals. Anyone but Andrea. She’d even accept orders from one of the floral women aboard, but it would become difficult to maintain order if Andrea took over. “Set course for the shore, we have to establish a presence on that land.” as Jeethina had feared Andrea stood on the bridge barking commands like she had done nothing else since they boarded the ships. To her satisfaction none of the Albin, Naga and Fungals moved, nor the desert wraith. “I nominate Jeethina as new commander of this ship!” Tamirs second in command shouted, agreeing shouts from several Albin, all the Naga and Elenora followed. A fungal stepped up to the bridge. “My Name is Helius of the capitol hills, as official representative of the republic I put myself up for nomination, if support is too weak, we support the notion of nominating Jeethina!”