Except one or two Albin and about half of the fungals shouted in support of him, while there was muffled rejection from the Florals. Eventhough it was the Fungal empire that had attacked them, not the republic currently under threat by the empire, they couldn’t accept a Fungal leading the ship.”It is settled then, we too support Jeethina.” Helius stepped down from the bridge. In Andreas eyes was anger, the bitter taste of her defeat almost tangible. “Alright.” she grunted grinding her teeth. “Jeethina it is.” “Set course to the bay, we should be relatively safe there, the Naga will establish a perimeter at the surrounding hill tops, others can follow, volunteers willing to be flown out talk to my second in command!” she pointed at Venia, hoping to hide her insecurities about her new found responsibilities as ships captain. She had successfully taken up her position next to the rudder, next to her was Andrea with a loathsome look in her eyes. The bay the Naga had scouted for the landing had a creek running through it, but with the hostile natives in the hinterland none of the expedition members dared even tasting of its waters. In the dense forests one could make out paths broad enough for two people to walk side by side and have room to spare between them. After Elenora had been carried to the higher ground above the bay she ducked behind a tree, as did Ghony, the Naga who had been sent there with her. Only after a few moments in which there had not been the slightest notice of their presence the two dared to begin exploring a little. “Do you think this runs straight to their village or hometown?” “Where else? They had to move in massive numbers to the coastal cliff, and probably retreated this way.” Ghony hissed, clearly not accustomed to the human language, since she sounded her lisp very clearly. Venia had more than once demonstrated Elenora why Naga were lisping. It was difficult to pronounce words in human tongues with their parted tongue. Ashamed of her lack in knowledge about settlements Elenora nodded with an agreeing tone. The path was empty, but distinct tracks were visible in the dusty ground. “These trees are dense, wonderfully obscuring the paths.” Ghony admired tge tactical advantages of the hidden paths, although they were a tactical advantage her enemies had. Every time a bush nearby rustled the two immediately assumed an attack position, thanks to Elenoras pebble the two had no need for the Nectar they carried never the less. “Do you think they’ll come back?” “We scared them off for now, but they undoubtedly will return. We are invaders, they need to deal with us.” Ghony glanced the path up and down as they explored it further. “At least that is how I would fare with intruders I know nothing about.” she added with a smirk. Elenora caught the glimpse of a feather on the ground, kneed down in order to retrieve it.