Surprised Venia stared into the direction the arrow had come from. Very well aware of what a warning shot was Venia still slithered onto the path. “Do not fire!” she yelled, not only to the Owls in hiding but also to her comrades behind her who would incinerate the entire forest on the other side of the path. “Stay where you are!” spoken in the tongue of the Naga, the words were still dragged by a heavy accent. One of the two Owls emerged from the underbrush, bow and arrow ready to shoot her. “We are here to retrieve our dead.” Venia nodded, making a gesture that she would not hinder them in their mission. “That is an honorable goal, we won’t keep you from doing so.” The owl holding the arrow and bow waved its head, another owl emerged from the underbrush hurrying down the path. “What brings you to these lands?” he asked, still speaking in heavy accented Naga. “Exploration, amongst other things.” she deemed it better not to reveal all their motifs. “You know that the giants are returning soon? Your theurgic[WITCHERY?] friends will be done from the face of the world.” he looked Venia up and down. “Probably everyone will be done from the face of the world who is not in their creation.” he wanted to draw a breath to keep on talking but the string of his bow suddenly snapped, rendering his weapon useless. In a swift move Venia plunged to him, disarming him completely and pinning him against a tree, her stinger only millimeters from his face. “Now, I want you to tell me some things!” she hissed, the others emerged from the underbrush around her. Jeethina had carried Orthlan with her to the ridge, interested in the foreign culture he stepped up to her. “We should, or rather you should, tie him up and bring him with us down to the camp.” since the man in front of them was not one of the dead to be collected Venia had no objections. “You can’t do this.” the archer protested. “The graceful giants will return on swift wings, to annihilate you and your people. All your people! Of course, you might be already undone by us by the time of their arrival! Your dead rotten corpses will be our present to the them!” the owl hissed with a smile in his voice, incapable of actually smiling with his beak. Drawing breath to reply Venia was interrupted as she heard the archer bite on something he had hidden under his tongue in a tiny throat-pouch. Poison! After he had swallowed it he laughed maniacally, but fainting, until he collapsed under Venias arms, hanging lifeless pinned against a tree. Disturbed Venia stepped back, watching the lifeless body of the owl archer slide down the side of the tree, his clothes tangled up in the bark, drew unnatural lines. “They were of the Spinxes creation.” she hissed in case the others had not been within earshot before. “We have to find those bees of yours.” she slithered away without looking at Orthlan or the others, she pointed in the direction the other owl had ran off to as she passed Elenora, knowing that she would summon fire incinerating a portion of the forest large enough to hit the man, or woman.