Knowing their foe was determined to wipe all life from the face of the world, or at least to hinder them in achieving means to stop the impending return of the sphinxes, ignited a fire of determination of it is own in the hearts and minds if the expedition members.
A capable group assembled in the camp, acting on Venias recommendation, the group was equally comprised of magic users and non magic users. A young Floral woman wandered up to Jeethina and Venia who were watching over the assembly of their strike force. “Excuse me?” she cleared her throat, trying to look as tough as possible.
Right away Jeethina recognized her, Nicodia was tbe first Floral she had ever laid eyes upon. Soon after her arrival on Naga’na she had become a secret hero to the Naga, who admired her and treated her with more resoect than other non Naga. All for the fact that Nicodia had left her homeland to prove that not all Florals were docile, Nectar lactating firest dwellers who could be bossed around. “Nicodia! You want to join I presume?” Jeethina smiled knowingly.
“Yes, even though I might not be a great fighter, your people might need Nectar on the way.” although hating to exchange her Nectar for anything, Nicodia wanted to be on the strike force, her determination to show the world the bravery that Florals were capable of, she was willing to do what ever was necessary. “They are our people, you are in this expedition as well.” still Jeethina smiled. “And although we have plenty of Nectar in the group, you are more than welcome to join in.”
Relieved, but still nervous Nicodia felt up the dagger on her side. As soon as the Naga and Albin left Naga’na the eldest of the Naga had given her the dagger and belt. After all the time that had passed since then, it still felt strange to her.
“Thank you, you won’t be disappointed!” after saluting Nicodia disappeared in tbe crowd of volunteers. “Alright!” Venia slithered in front of the waiting people, her hands behind her back. “You have amassed here to actively probe the enemy territory for the bees, we desperately need their honey! If it means we have to search every blossom, every flower, hollow tree and possible location for a hive, we will. And we will not return unless enemy forces prove impenetrable, or we find our goal.” she loojed at the stern expressions on the faces before her, only Elenora was smiling as Venia was to lead the group, and a faint smile was on Nicodias lips as well. “Move out! The destiny of the world lies in our hands!” she waved them to follow her.
On their way to move the new mast to the coast the lumberjacks had to make a cut in the forest, although the actual carrying was done magically by circle mages and Albin wizardry, space had to be made to move the tree through.
Thus providing a broad path for the strike group to move out, for not far from the location where the tree had been felled, one of the paths the owls used, if not made, ran by. It was again Elenora who had the idea that the coast might be free of bee hives due to reoccurring storms that would damage or destroy them, hence a search further up the coast might prove ineffective as well.
Seemingly impenetrable forests flanked the paths to the sides, only opening up to other paths at intersections or forks, Albin scouts marched ahead of the twenty people in the group. Skillfully they traced the tracks left behind by the owls, avoiding villages and other areas presumed to be crowded with the hostile bird people.