Since some of you folks have no concept of the difference between what’s “figurative” and what’s “literal”, I thought you might need definitions on something else.

Unnatural – something that does not occur in nature.
That means anything that can not, in any way shape or form, ever occur in nature. Since ALL the elements that everything is made up off occur naturally in our universe – EVERYTHING is natural.

If something were to be “unnatural”, it would have to ooze in from another universe, or dimension, hover around, float away against the wind, disregarding gravity – in tha ONE instance we could say that it was and behaved completely UNNATURAL.

Yes this bit was written for all the Antivaxxers. Again. Why am I still takking about this? I want to get over this crap already….but to add another aspect tonthe Antivaxxer usage of “unnatural”: Unless you are naked, dwell in a cave/under a bush, drink only from puddles, rivers, lakes and eat nothing but raw fruit and vegetables, and are not using any technology what so ever – you are NOT allowed to use the term against Vaccines.  Period.

Inhumane – something that is not done by a human (or shouldn’t be done to a human). Here comes the kicker, as soon as any human being does something new – no matter how disgusting, or disturbing – it immediately becomes humane. A human being did it.
For an action to be truly “inhumane” it would require an alien or animal performing an action that is not observed in any human.

So, even if someone is injecting you with a mixture of polymer-residue and plutonium – it is ALL natural, and humane.

Hope you keep your facts straight,