Venia and Elenora flanked Nicodia that seemed to get more nervous with each passing step. Every sight she beheld reminded her that no other floral had ever seen them before her, that she furthered the distance a Floral had ever traveled with each step. “Prairie.” the Albin scout panted after he returned from further ahead. “Thigh high grass, I doubt we’ll find the bees there.” “The bees at home in Both’anah loved bothe forests and the fields?” without pause Nicodia offered her opinion, looking at both Venia and Elenora one at a time. Agreeing to march into the Prairie Elenora nodded to Venia, which in turn gave the order to the scout.
The owls path forked to the sides, staying in the shade of the forest, immediately the impression that it was their fortification against attacks from the east came to the minds of the expedition members. “Straight on, near these paths we will find nothing. Their ethereal consuming nature is poison to all things alive.” Although herself being immune to the effects of the owls, Venia wanted to get Elenora and the others as far away from the owls as fast as she could.

Far to the south of where Venia and her comrades had entered the prairie a shallow range of hills rose above the grass, beyond which the ocean roared under southern winds. “The winds change in the season.” terrified at the sudden appearance of a hooded woman Venia rose her long sword, Elenora inched away from her. “At ease Naga.” she mumbled in a smoky voice. “I am no threat to you, or the ethereals.” she revealed herself as an owl as she unhooded herself.

Pale white eyes sat above her beak as she gazed into the vague direction that Venia stood to her. “I am blind, but my hearing is very refined.” she smiled with her eyes, indicating her knowledge for where to find them. “The others have warned all of our people that hostile intruders, ethereals in particular, were roaming our lands. However, I do not fear you, as you don’t have to fear me.” Venia calmed down from the initial shock of the sudden appearance next to her.
“You must have noticed by now that our ancestry lies within the wings of the Sphinxes!” her eyes indicated a smile again. “But before that, we were human.” her indicated smirk fainted away. A distant sadness crept in her expressions. “They changed our ancestors, the early men and women of this land. Ruins of our human ancestry can be found strewn out in this land.” she pointed to further into the north-east. “Old castles, villages and towns made of rock.”
“Did your ancestors also craft small pendants with ethereal properties?” Venia signaled the others to move on ahead, while she remained with the blind owl, Elenora and Nicodia at her side. She wondered what Orthlan would give for the opportunity to talk to an owl, that was not bent on their demise.