“Indeed they did, when they too were using the ethereal, before the Sphinxes came and gifted them new powers.” Again a faint smile appeared among her eyes. “My brethren dug them up several seasons ago, cast them into fire.” once again, the smile fainted.
With a tired voice she explained that most of her people would want to do away with her, as she was considered an abomination, possessing capabilities beyond the physical. “I sometimes can see what will come to pass.” was her breathed explanation. “Thus, they fear, and hate me.” she gazed in the direction from which the group had come.
“But I’m not here to hurt them either, or cause them pain in the future. I am just a simple old woman trying to protect what she loves most: the grassy prairies, the steppes, the forests, hills, mountains and all that dwells in and on that.” she turned with all her body to the northeast. “See those mountains afar.” she whispered, a formation was visible as tiny molds on the eastern horizon. “You want to venture there for the prize you seek, and need to safe your people, and I’m afraid mine as well. But be weary of the bat folk.” blindly she glanced at the Naga over her shoulder. “Though we share common ancestry, we are deadly foe, they do not take kindly on any non ethereals such as yourself trespassing on their lands.” she turned to the northwest starting to march away but stopped after a few steps.
“A child was born in the land of man,” she turned around facing only Nicodia. “It will be the turning point you strive to be.” with a sigh she turned to Venia. “Soon your people will no longer be feared as much as today, the boys grow in age, strength and in numbers.” again facing northwest she inhaled the heavy, sweet air of the prairie. “However, the children will be leaving this world temporarily. That is all that I can say.” nodding to herself she walked away, leaving the three perplexed behind.

Lack of any notable event drove the expedition faster, the prairie presented itself to be precisely as it appeared, flat, uneventful, uninhabited. Chatter amongst Venia, Elenora and Nicodia circled around the blind, old owls words.
It fainted into silence.
Began anew, where the conversation had started off before.
After three days in which they drew ever closer to the distant mountains, Albin scouts pointed south to the hills, clouds amassed above them. Only half an hour later fierce gusts of wind tore through the prairie.