Wathron and the other Albin cowered on a hill, facing tbe weather they kept track of the bulk of the expedition, but were stomped to realize they had stopped. Visibility was very low, exposure to the weather disorienting, the expedition sat still to wait for the weather to pass. “Look deep south!” an Albin woman cried out. Wathron did as she suggested, cussing he signaled her to warn the expedition. For Albin eyes the limits of sight were barely restricted by the weather, but as the expedition might get torn apart he understood why they had stopped. With the even worse weather moving in from the south however, they had to get moving again.Started by a brightly glowing sphere of red Venia and Elenora turned to face south. Incapable of seeing through the thick weather Elenora shouted for an Albin to inspect the weather. A dire expression on her face the nearest of the Albin shook her head.Venia rose to her full size, water poured down her sporty, scaled body, the black hair hung in strains, mostly glued to her head. “We must press on!” she yelled agai.st the roaring winds. “Everyone, as fast as you can move, to the hills!” she pointed at the hill where Wathron and hus comrades had made camp, another signal lit up, bright as sunshine to guide the expedition through the nasty weather. Leaned against the stem of a small tree Elenora watched the rain. Long since it came down from the heavens in a vertical fashion, the strong winds forced it down diagonally, almost horizontal. The tree provided close to no protection, drenched in rain she felt reminded of the monsoon rains at home. Rains that emptied on the mountains around the desert, barely did a cloud pass on into the vast, dry valley behind. Making the land outside the ring mountain range, however slim, a lush tropical paradise. “Thinking of home?” Venia sunk down to her, also studying the rain. “Yes, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad we left.” a smile appeared on her thin lips. Real joy over being torn from the monotony of their lives had caused her to say that. Venia understood quite well.