In endless repetition water brushed up against the rocks of the shore. Foam danced atop them as they rolled in, crashed against the rocks, the water receded again to make way for the next wave. Terrible stench was lying over the rocks, the natural currents in the ocean had swept a great many dead bodies southwards against the shore.
Anger, fear and immense loathing were flickering in the eyes of an elderly Naga. She had long since seen her prime, most of the Naga her age were dead. Killed by man, eaten by oceanic predators or suicide as tgey longer could have eggs. Much like an elderly Naga living further north she hadn’t lost the will to live when her fertility waned. “I have heard the rumors that they passed down to us from the north. I have agreed to hand over a few of our unhatched young into the care of the elders to repopulate the Naga in their area.” another Naga came up to her, she too was no longer fertile. “Please, this anger might kill you.”
“Kill me?” the older one replied infuriated. “Kill me?! You and I will travel north against the currents, we have to see how genocidal the humans truly are, and afterwards we shall take revenge for our slain sisters!” she pointed at all the dead bodies washed up against the rocks. Whales, dolphins, countless fish and hundreds of Naga, in various stages of decomposition, partially the dead bodies had been tasted by the scavengers of the sea, but mostly they were just rotting.
The younger of the two took a look around, she felt sick to her stomach. According to what the other Naga from the sea around the narrow opening of the still sea had told them the humans had dropped cages of poison down to the breeding grounds. Naga of all ages that had converged there to lay their eggs, all dead, the young that had survived their childhood years, but stayed rather close to their birthplace, dead. The eggs, dead.
“We should travel by land ir air, in case the poison is still active.” she indirectly agreed to her elders decision. “It isn’t, the elders traveled by water, but I couldn’t stand the stench.” the older coiled up her lower body, pushed herself off the rocks, climbing higher in gliding flight, her fellow Naga behind her.