Illuminated by a few volcanic shimmers, and the light emitted by the bio-luminescent in their hands, the two elderly Naga approached the breeding grounds from the north with the currents. Their counterparts from the local population had told them of the cages, the bodies afloat in the breeding ground. But seeing what had not been swept away by the currents was different.Glued to the ground thousands upon thousands of eggs were lying around in the luke warm sea, rotting. Some of the Naga were caught in the midst of laying their eggs, still glued to the nest they had picked their decomposing bodies filled the water with the stench of death. In any normal circumstance so many dead bodies would attract scavengers, even sharks but the area was dead silent, except for mumbles and grumbles and hisses made by the volcanic activity.
The rusty shape of a spherical cage came into view, judging upon a few glances it was definitely crafted by the humans, Albin steel didn’t rust. The south coast Naga had not ever heard of other people than humans or Albin.
Quickly the turned east and left, the shoreline should not be much farther than three or four days swim. All the while accompanied by the terrible silence of the dead breeding ground. Even with all the Naga gone there should be fish and mammals in all sizes, and all noises, in the sea.
Only after two days did the sound return, although not poisoned the creatures of the sea had caught a sense of the deadly attack, avoided it instinctively.