Garry let the chalice sink a little to stare at his business partner. “Yes, now don’t you tell me you believe in the rumors?” Marius shook his head, taking a deep breath he returned to the table. “Did you dig them up?”
“Do I look like a digger? Besides I don’t know how unstable the old catacombs are. So I won’t dig. These were lifted from the abandoned monastery above the collapsed catacombs.” he handed the chalice with a gloved hand to the merchant. Marius carefully took it in his hand and let it shine in the lamplight, he then glanced over the other items that Garry’s had poured out over the table. “You will find them unique, as the church seldomly lets anyone take their stuff anywhere outside their walls.” Marius only turned his eyes to the well known thief and assassin on the other side of the table. “How much?”
“Two hundred gold coins, and no less.” Marius reached for a dagger he always had concealed under the table. “And I wouldn’t mind reaching for that blade of yours.” Garry waved with his gloved hands. Worry for his safety arose in Marius, for the first time in his career. “You see I laced all of these with a special poison of mine. Pay me and I give you the antidote, don’t pay me and I dare you to drink anything other than water!” knowing the only clean water that anyone would drink was found in the kings castle overlooking the city Garrys choice of poison had been an easy one. No one in Galnerra drank water. Even the children were fed with wine or milk. “Alright.” Marius’ hand returned to the table. “Two hundred gold coins.” he added grinding his teeth.

A small phial stood on the counter of the Morningstar as Garry left, Marius was climbing the ladder to the vault as the door was closed, his knees shaking.
Garry marched to his inn, his bag stuffed with old rugs from Marius’ shop as to not arouse suspicion himself in case any informants of the city guards lurked around. “Excuse me sir.” The innkeeper greeted him unusually polite. “But there are people who would require your services.” the stretched out hollow hand of the innkeeper told Garry more than enough about the sudden politeness. “Where?” Garry tossed a copper coin to the keeper. Warehouse three on the eighth quay.” the innkeeper smiled. Garry did not inquire what business the Innkeeper had driven to the warehouse, nothing in Galnerra was free and unimportant information of potential delicacy might have cost more than he was willing to pay. Without returning to his room Garry walked to the quay. Although he had no use for the bag he would look more like a sailor with it. Especially when strolling around the harbor.