Warehouse three on the eighth quay was a wind struck old building, suspicion about the innkeepers business inside it grew inside Garry. One of the doors on the side bordering to the neighboring warehouse allowed for a man to enter unnoticed. Quietly and as silent as a mouse Garry slipped through the unsound beams and planks. “Hold it there.” in the dim light coming from the leaky roof Garry saw a figure under a hood standing in a corner. The hood covered the entire figure of the woman, at least it had a female voice. An old one but still Garry felt surprised. “I was told to find this warehouse.” he stated, without giving away any information about his special skills. “So you are the envoy we asked for?” the figured woman replied. “Who shall I deliver to?” Garry smirked, the lisp, the complete obscuring of her body, he had a hunch about the identity of his client. “Well, this will be delicate,” she began increasing the smirk on his lips. “the person in question is responsible for the mass murder of hundreds if not thousands of innocent,” she paused for a moment swallowing a word she did not want to utter, “women and children.”
“Authorities?” he raised his eyebrows.
“On her side.” Squinting his eyes her tried to stare through the cloak. “Who?”
“Johanna of Hallenbrandt, queen mother of King Fredrik of Galnerra.” Garry gasped in disbelief, but after a moment he regained his composure. “This will be costly.” he mumbled, but considering whom he suspected to be underneath the cloak he cleared his throat. “Let me make you an offer.” he navigated around the beams to the open area the older woman in the body cloak stood in. “You will bring me a seemingly priceless object, I will murder the queen with it. As compensation I want your poison.”
For a moment there was silence between him and his would be client. “What poison are you talking about?” clearly there was a nervouse vibe to her voice.
“Your Naga poison! You ain’t fooling me like that cretin innkeeper!” he raised his voice. “Besides your obvious lisp, did you really think a man of my reputation wouldn’t notice the Naga shaped shadow in the ceiling ready to strike down on me?”  The hood of the cloak was pulked away to reveal an elderly face and grey hair. “You’re as good as they say.” she smirked. “If you truly help us avenge our sisters, daughters and nieces, there can be many more priceless objects coming for you.” Gerry wanted to decline, Naga had no use for gold, but they could scavenge it from shipwrecks on the bottom of the ocean. Besides, while was husy trying to get the queen the object they would bring him, they could pasd the time instead of restless waiting. “If you insist, I will gladly accept, but a plenty supply of Naga poison would be my greatest reward.” he bowed slightly.
“What would you do with our poison?” the second Naga descended from her post in the ceiling beams. “What else? I’m an assassin, and a thief, I kill people for a living.” “Agreed!” the older Naga drowned any objections her comrade might have had. Gerry greeted them with a bow and retreated. “Tomorrow at sundown we’ll have your priceless object, is a chalice going to be alright?” Gerry glanced over his shoulder. “Perfect.”
The setting sun drenched the entire city of Galnerra in the color of blood. Through the cracks in the roof the change in lightvwas clearly viewing. Richer in experience than her comrade the older Naga knew the greed of man, and how to use it to their advantage. “For two years we spent our tike carefully investigating who was responsible for the murder of the entire breeding ground, you give our poison to a man who’ll use it to make our kind look like culprit in his crimes!” her comrade had hissed in native Naga after Gerry had left the two. To which the older only smirked in a way that even had made her fellow Naga uneasy.