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Finn Journal – 2 Poisoned (ep01)

In endless repetition water brushed up against the rocks of the shore. Foam danced atop them as they rolled in, crashed against the rocks, the water receded again to make way for the next wave. Terrible stench was lying over the rocks, the natural currents in the ocean had swept a great many dead bodies southwards against the shore.
Anger, fear and immense loathing were flickering in the eyes of an elderly Naga. She had long since seen her prime, most of the Naga her age were dead. Killed by man, eaten by oceanic predators or suicide as tgey longer could have eggs. Much like an elderly Naga living further north she hadn’t lost the will to live when her fertility waned. “I have heard the rumors that they passed down to us from the north. I have agreed to hand over a few of our unhatched young into the care of the elders to repopulate the Naga in their area.” another Naga came up to her, she too was no longer fertile. “Please, this anger might kill you.”
“Kill me?” the older one replied infuriated. “Kill me?! You and I will travel north against the currents, we have to see how genocidal the humans truly are, and afterwards we shall take revenge for our slain sisters!” she pointed at all the dead bodies washed up against the rocks. Whales, dolphins, countless fish and hundreds of Naga, in various stages of decomposition, partially the dead bodies had been tasted by the scavengers of the sea, but mostly they were just rotting.
The younger of the two took a look around, she felt sick to her stomach. According to what the other Naga from the sea around the narrow opening of the still sea had told them the humans had dropped cages of poison down to the breeding grounds. Naga of all ages that had converged there to lay their eggs, all dead, the young that had survived their childhood years, but stayed rather close to their birthplace, dead. The eggs, dead.
“We should travel by land ir air, in case the poison is still active.” she indirectly agreed to her elders decision. “It isn’t, the elders traveled by water, but I couldn’t stand the stench.” the older coiled up her lower body, pushed herself off the rocks, climbing higher in gliding flight, her fellow Naga behind her.

Coffee Break


A small lunchtime coffee. Just two mugs… 😉

Random Commentary 12 June 15

I am deeply disturbed by and concerned over the fact, that I have arrived at a point in my life, where I am not enraged or surprised by, the news of a government (on planet earth) in the year 2015 (46 years after the moonlanding), convicting and imprisoning tourists for getting naked on a so called ‘sacred’ mountain, blaming said tourists to have thus caused a deadly and devastating earthquake.

I am not surprised.
I am not enraged.

Why not surprised?
Have you seen the world today?
There are people fighting to live in the desert their god has allocated them.
Tell you what, your god is an asshole, you should convert, or better yet become an atheist.
There are people denying shit that is IN FRONT OF THEM (global warming, evolution, vaccines, science in general) because it is not matching their scripture, or hippie faith.
So why on earth would it surprise me that a government is this backwards that it believes (or claims to) that a group of naked tourists causes earthquakes?

Why not enraged?
The nudists had a guide for the terrain who objected, because the mountain was considered ‘sacred’ by the natives.
So they KNEW that the spot they got naked and posed for a picture was considered sacred. Would they have posed nude on a cemetery? No.
Would they have gone full monty in a church, or a mosque, or a synagogue? Nope.
Why? Because many of them would’ve found that to be ‘indecent’. And they would (according to laws most everywhere) go to jail for indecency in a public space.
In essence, had they behaved the way they did there, some other ‘sacred’ site in a less lunatic country – still jailtime (or a fine). Much less, than in cuckoo land, but still.

Let us get this over with: a country’s government, obviously so retarded and backwards that Neandertals would look down on them, is over-punishing a group of people, who just pissed on another peoples faith and culture, blaming them for a natural desaster that would even have come to pass if the mountain in question was deserted except for a group of shamans.

Who is genuinely surprised?
Who is genuinely enraged?

Let me end today with a question: Suppose a group of tourists had gotten naked for a photo at the wailing wall, and Israel swooped down on their arses like a bag of hammers, would all those who cry foul-play now, cry the same tune then, or judge those ‘monsters’ for showing disrespect?

Just an FYI, I would not get naked anywhere even remotely public. I don’t have the physique for that. Even if I had, I am not that kind of person, I don’t even own any shorts (besides my swimming gear).
Do I find naked people (for what purpose ever) in a church, on a graveyard, in a sacred cave or on top a holy mountain offensive? NOPE!
On the contrary, frak religion.
Bring our good old traditions up to date, cultures are not a rigid unmoving thing. They need to evolve, to change, or else they die.
Nudity is not disrespectful.
If your theologians, or, worse, your politicians say, nudity (or kissing, or pre-marital sex) is a sin, question their sexuality, not the morality of naked (kissing, fracking) people. And then work against these theologians or politicians. As a collective, as a people.
Same with science. Or food.
Spirituality is neat, it’s a comforting thing. But do not let it interfere with LIFE.

Viva la revolucion?

As you may or may not know, in this day and age you are dead to the world if you’re not social networking at some place.
That is especially true, and important, if you, like me, need to lure unsuspecting souls to your den where they’re…err…I mean, if you need to advertise your blog, and engange in conversations.

Well. This is the root of the problem for me. As you by now know, I am bad at advertising, and as you might have guessed, I suck at being social.
But that is not the point of this post.

This is about the social networking sites out there, and their flaws. So, shall we?

Facebook, the obvious contender, is swarming with a crapzillion people.
People of all coleur, age, sex and gender. Anti Vaxxers, Muslim terrorists, Christian proto Terrorists, and a crapton of idiots more. The “groups” are tacked on, treated like a wart, and not noteworthy. The app is less an app but more of a spy tool. Hastags suck on Facebook, as they were poorly ported from twitter.
“Facebook, our motto is: eat shit – 5 trillion flies can’t err.”

google+, although finally buzzing with life, it is not that well received. And it never will replace FB, why? Because it’s mandatory!
Wanna use YouTube? Google+
Wanna have a Birthday mural? Google+
People don’t like stuff that is mandatory. Even though this has groups, it stinks because of the mandatory nature. If school was optional, not mandatory, there’d be no bullies, kids would love it, and they’d learn. Think about that google, think about that….

Twitter, the site that made hastags popular! That is what I love about this. What I hate? THE BLEEDING CHARACTER LIMIT! Who came up with this shitty idea? I accept that the length of the message needs to be restricted, but the length that you’re giving us, is too friggin’ short!
Also, no groups.

Tumblr, why do you people hate groups?
Really, I’m flipping over this. Back on MySpace, bevore the revolutionaries castrated it, you had friggin groups. Public ones, private ones. What do the most popular sites have in that respect – nill. Facebook has tacked it on like a second head, google+ doesn’t know that group content should stay in the bloody group and not on my general timeline, twitter has nothing of the sort, and tumblr….oh….back on track

Tumblr, good for pictures, good for porn. There’s really not much else I can say about it.
Except maybe WHERE ARE GROU…search functions are good, and the tags can be followed.

LinkedIn, Frak this spooky shite!
Without giving that thing permission to search my contacts or anything, it suggests to me some teachers from my evening school.
So far, so scary, but good.
But then, out of no where, without me disclosing ANY details to my workplace, it suggests a member of the management team as a connection.

Frak no!

I am not working someplace where you could say it fits my interests. I’m working at my office because it brings me money.
Period. So how it got that information about me, I do not know.

Other than the spooky nature, it is a decent site. It has groups. Check. It has a search function. Check. It looks right, but feels wrong. At least to me.
Thank the gods for the use of an Alias!

Path, it’s funny you know? I could be classified as a hoarder. WordPress shows me that it can publicise to Path, I need to have path.
But there are issues I have with this. Search function, is well, hidden. Hashtags, unless you have those hashtags in your timeline, frak the hashtags. It says that there are no results. (And #comedy should be around somewhere. Right?) There is no desktop version of this crap. None. What so ever. So you have to use the app, and it looks & feels broken. Or unfinished. Anyone interested in connecting with me on Path? Just message me…I’m so lonely on Path…

VK, leave me alone. I do not want to give you my phone number. Sod off.
Besides, once you DO give up your number it is filled with Russians. So unless you can read Russian, this is no place to go.

MeWe, now here is a serious revolutionary.
A patient revolutionary.
Privacy, check.
Groups, check.
You can even set your profile for each group individually. Customisability, somewhat check. There is a search function and it is easy to grasp. The (android) app is sadly still in development, so the function to browse open groups is only available in web version, but hey. Good things take time. Unlike,

Tsū, which is a rushed, and now broken beyond repair, revolutionary.
The buzz was loud and far spread. People flocked to Tsū and it seemed as if the revolution against Fecesbook was finally taking place: Hashtags? Yes. Search function? Yes. Revenue back to the users as promised? Nope!
Only reposts; reposts of reposts of reposts got you some dough. Original content, which was supposed to be the shit on there – no money. What about group…frak it.
There’s still a few people and advertisers on there, but the masses have deserted, or defected, the “huge” revolution. Needless to say, I had joined the band wagon, for during the last revolution, I had stuck to the old, the losing side. Which brings me to,

MySpace, no. I’m not talking about the Capon that is left now after the Facebook revolution.
The old one.
The one where you had your blog, your groups, your friends, your friends newsfeed, your music, and 100% customisable profile all rolled into one.
THAT was dope. But then people left. Groups disappeared. Not the people of the groups until they faded into obscurity mind you, but the group function – poof. Gone. The revolution had struck: the king is dead, long live the king. Mark usurped Tom.
And why? Because we hate convenience (all in one), and like change (something shiny and new). We hate individualism (100% customisable profile on MySpace), and love conformity (back in the day not in the least customisable profile on FB; Not that the top image is that dope on customisability…).
What is left now is a poor haunting ghost of the former MySpace. The Logo is still there, but the rest – crap. And the app is matching the crappyness.

Well, you will see me around. On all of the above. If there are new ones, I will try them out, ad them to my collection of social networks.
Suggestions are always welcome, and connections as well. Have a nice one,

PS: To give you an idea of how dead the revolutionary tsū is, here’s a screenshot:

If even the advertiser rats are leaving, it is a sure sign that the boat is not only sinking, but already sunk to rest next to the Titanic…

Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep23)

“As soon as that passes,” the Naga nodded out into the prairie, “we have to move on. Better try to get some rest.”
Both knew it was impossible to get rest while the storm raged all around them. Crunching noise above their heads startled them. A moment after fleeing from underneath the tree a branch was torn off by the winds, fell and was dragged by the wind. “Perhaps we should move now anyways.”
Barely having finished her sentence, Elenora followed Venias terrified glance into the vast prairie below. A hose of wind wandered through the prairie with devastating effects on the tall grass. It left behind a wake of destruction and bare earth, not a single blade of grass was left standing. Roaring it tore through where they originally had intended to wait the storm out.
With an uneasy feeling in their stomachs they all watched the hose wander around, but it veered off, away from the hills.
“To the mountains.” Venia shouted, unwilling to take any risk with the violent nature of the prairie.
From a distance a dark figure watched with great disdain for the foreigners as the trek started heading towards the mountains.
As the foreigners moved closer the figure turned to its peers and gave the signal.

It was more a reaction of instinct, than one of the conscious mind. As in the far off forest of the mountain slopes, barely visible through the fiercely blown rain, a hundred tiny fires lit up and sped towards the group. Venia had thrown herself atop Elenora to cover her from the incoming fire. Over the shoulder of the Naga Elenora saw that other Naga and some Albin rose a shield to defend against the attack. As she fell forced down by her Naga sister of choice she noticed a gap in the shield that closed slowely.
Too slow for the incoming fire.
In their fall Elenora rolled, writhing in Venias tight embrace, feeling the heat of the incoming discharge on her back she smiled down on Venia.
Pain. Venias shocked expression, love and immense pain before the darkness fell.
A last hiss: “I love you, sister.”

Finn Journal – 1 Honey pt.1 (ep22)

Wathron and the other Albin cowered on a hill, facing tbe weather they kept track of the bulk of the expedition, but were stomped to realize they had stopped. Visibility was very low, exposure to the weather disorienting, the expedition sat still to wait for the weather to pass. “Look deep south!” an Albin woman cried out. Wathron did as she suggested, cussing he signaled her to warn the expedition. For Albin eyes the limits of sight were barely restricted by the weather, but as the expedition might get torn apart he understood why they had stopped. With the even worse weather moving in from the south however, they had to get moving again.Started by a brightly glowing sphere of red Venia and Elenora turned to face south. Incapable of seeing through the thick weather Elenora shouted for an Albin to inspect the weather. A dire expression on her face the nearest of the Albin shook her head.Venia rose to her full size, water poured down her sporty, scaled body, the black hair hung in strains, mostly glued to her head. “We must press on!” she yelled the roaring winds. “Everyone, as fast as you can move, to the hills!” she pointed at the hill where Wathron and hus comrades had made camp, another signal lit up, bright as sunshine to guide the expedition through the nasty weather. Leaned against the stem of a small tree Elenora watched the rain. Long since it came down from the heavens in a vertical fashion, the strong winds forced it down diagonally, almost horizontal. The tree provided close to no protection, drenched in rain she felt reminded of the monsoon rains at home. Rains that emptied on the mountains around the desert, barely did a cloud pass on into the vast, dry valley behind. Making the land outside the ring mountain range, however slim, a lush tropical paradise. “Thinking of home?” Venia sunk down to her, also studying the rain. “Yes, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad we left.” a smile appeared on her thin lips. Real joy over being torn from the monotony of their lives had caused her to say that. Venia understood quite well.

Life ain’t that hard, stuff-free stuff

Short and simple this time.

-If you can’t process lactose, stay the frak away from milk. Leave milk alone, use soy juice or coconut juice, and don’t you dare call any of it “milk”.
-If you can’t handle gluten, don’t eat it, but don’t substract gluten from stuff.
-The same goes for low-carb! Don’t eat carbohydrates if you don’t wanna, but leave them where they belong.
-If you need to drive, don’t drink. If you order an alcohol free beer – you better get drunk instead.
-If you don’t want to ingest sugar, fracking don’t. Live with the health conscious choice you made and do not use other stuff for substitute.
-Same for vegans. Conscious choice, deal with it. But don’t play with your soypaste and build yourself a fake steak. You want a sausage, either have sex, or get a real one.
-You want coffee? Drink coffee. You don’t want caffeine? Don’t drink coffee. The end.

In even shorter form: Can’t, or don’t want to, handle it? Live with it.

Stop over-complicating things. Stop cluttering the world with your filthy useless garbage! Otherwise we will soon have joyless joy, sexfree sex and playfree playtime.
Life ain’t that hard, stop taking things out of stuff where they belong in.

Take care,