After the sun had set the two went out and searched for one of the many shipwrecks they knew. Near a rich city like Galnerra the ships coming from the north and going to the north were laden with riches. It did not take up a lot of their time to find the chalice they had promised to Gerry, with it they had salvaged other trinkets as payment.”I doubt he will return. Probably leads the guards right to us.” the younger Naga grumbled, nervously inching around. “He will return. Alone.” th eolder calmed her comrade. “How can you be so sure of that?” the younger nervously whirled around, annoyed by the calamity of the older Naga. “He is already here, trying to understand our language.” she replied calmly in the local language.
“You are as good as I am.” silently he landed next to the younger Naga, dropping from the beams above. He had figured that they could easily hold him, when they supported the weight of a Naga. “I’ll be taking that.” he reached for the chalice. Readily the older Naga handed it to him with a smile. “Will you require this as well?” she pointed to the other things the two had salvaged. Studying the chalice in his gloved hands he shook his head. “From a lord mayor from tge north!” he marveled at the origin of the cup in his hands. The golden chalice was studded with jewels around its main body, fashioned with complex decoration by an expert goldsmith. On the bottom was a tiny sign telling where it was forged and by whom, next to it a sign whom it originally belonged to. “It will be an easy task to give this to her majesty.” he looked at the older Naga. She smirked. “Can you leave an indication that it was Naga who did this? Not only do we want our revenge, but also leave a warning.” Matching her grin he stretched fort a small phial. “I’ll want more, much more, once my assignment is complete.” steady handed she took the phial, glanced at it for a few moments, but then raised her stinger. A full phial was handed back to him.
Greeting the two with a slight bow he vaniahed again, as silently as he had appeared. “And now?” “Now we wait patiently,” she considered for a moment gathering more sunken treasure, but dismissed it again. They both knew that the assassin hinself would have to die. For onths they had tried getting to the queen, but she always had been well guarded, mostly indoors. Gerry stayed in the warehouse for a little while after the two suspected him gone, listening. But all the two ever said was spoken in their tongue, one he wished to understand, though he was dead certain he’d never ulbe able to speak himself.
With his prize for the queen he returned to the inn. His set of poisons was there, as well as the clothing he required to enter the castle in disguise.
Mostly he didn’t ask anyone for the motif of their actions. But the Naga told him heirs, no whis curiosity had been stirred enough to question the queens. A few well placed and careful worded inquires had enlightened him. The elder king and his younger son, Fredriks younger brother, were both ambushed by Naga, on two separate nights during the span of one week, queen Johanna had loat one of her two aons and her husband. The hatred for the Naga in the queens heart was strong and well rooted.
And it bore deadly fruit.