“His lord mayor of Gyffenheim’s nefew, Gerald of Gyffenheim!” the announcing man had knocked a staff on the ground, to get everybodys attention. Gerry entered the royal dining hall in his fanciest and also cleanest clothes. He really could be thought of as the nephew of a lord mayor. “Your grace!” he bowed before the queen and her two little children, as well as the king. Repeating his greeting and bow before the queen mother who sat a little to the side of the large table. The seats between them remained empty. One would’ve been reserved for the old king, one for Fredriks broher. And two more remained empty for the two sisters of Fredrik, who had been married off to other nobles, but retained a seat in case they returned home.
“Please, be seated!” Fredrik pointe dan empty seat next to the queen mother. “I thank you your grace!” Gerry bowed, seating himself before a servant could reach him. “What business brings you to Galnerra?” the queen mother still wore black. After more than three years since the deaths, she still dressed in black dresses and only wore little jewelry.
“I come bearing a gift from my uncle to your highness!” he presented the queen mother with the chalice.
“If I wouldn’t know any better about the scarcity of resources in your homeland, I would feel offended at the lack of presents for me and my wife and of course our children!” the king laughed loudly. “Oh, don’t be!” Gerry bowed to the king, glad that his deal with the morningstar had been a rewarding one.
From the bottom of his bag he had pulled a bracelet, originally intended for one of his wives, none nof which suspected that there was more than wife. Perfect for the queen. The two children received toys he had purchased over the course of the day. None of the royal family ever strolled down to the common quarters to see the toys there. For the boy he had bought a marionette, a knight like puppet, with a sword. For the girl a beautiful doll, made of wood, but dressed like a royal princess. Had he any children that he didn’t suspect to be other men’s bastards, he would gift them this royally.
“For your grace I have only this.” he presented the small phial, half full a watery substance glistened in the shine of the lamps and candles. “What is this?” the king was amused and curious. “Perhaps we should discuss this away from your graces mother, matters of this delicacy might upset your highness.” her had turned to the queen mother. “I assure you, nothing cqn upset me anymore.” she attempted a weak smile. From her green nordic eyes shone the cold of the mountains. But it stemmed from her heart, not any snow.
Acknowledging her word Gerry nodded. “It is venom. Drawn from one of the Naga. We found her next to her victim, he seemed to have been a ferocious fighter as he had mortally wounded her, hence she died. Most of it must have been gone to kill the man, but that we could get out of her.”