“It seems I was mistaken.” the queen mother spoke abtly, but with a hint of upset in her tone. After Gerry had told Fredrik what the substance was she audibly stopped breathing for a few moments. “I shall take my leave!” she got up and bowed to her honored guest, clinging on to the chalice with her right hand.
Although she had discovered the breeding ground of the local Naga population, she apparently knew npt much of their physiology, much to Gerrys relief, otherwise his ruse would have gone wrong. “Amazing!” King Fredrik of Galnerra stared at the venom. “Have you given any to the clergy?”
“This is all there is, outside a Naga and not inside a victim, my lord. My Uncle thought it best to send it to you, as your court is known to have excellent knowledge of Naga, and could use this to fashion an antidote perhaps? Or at least study it. My family is certain it would add greatly to this courts collection.” he did not say whoch collection. Fredriks great grandfather was known through out the kingdom to have built a great collection of poisons, and many antidotes. Johanna was known to have built an extensive collection of anything to do with the Naga. Even in the twisted logic of noble houses the venom was an eerily perfect gift for joth collections.
“Tell your uncle that he has my gratitude!” Fredrik couldn’t avert his eyes from the venom.
Across the table Gerry was enjoying a delicious meal, although it was not a fancyful dish, the worst meal prepared in the kings kitchen would trump the best meal the inn could provide.
“I shall tell him.” Gerry swallowed his food.