Hours after his admittance to the court he was shown out, as the King and his family turned in for the night. To his surprise the guards showed him to a room that was luxuriously decorated and furnished. Word on the roads, traveled by nobility, was that the king of Galnerra did not use his wealth to accommodate his guests. Lordlings, lords and even foreign royalty complained about poor accommodations, only the food was always in high praise.
Gerry licked around his mouth with his tongue. “Must be the Coca leaves they spice with.” he thought to himself.
Feeling a little impaired by the drug used as spice he opened a pouch hanging from his belt. Secretly congratulating the ingenious man or woman who had ordered this practice, as any would be assassins would be impaired by the drug, any rivaling swords man was not used to it either, hus couldn’t start a coup. Giving his choice much thought he pulled out a mild poison. Dipped a few drops into a cup of water, drank it. After a few moments the posion he had chosen counteracted the effects of the drug, clearing his mind.
Refreshed he slipped out of the shoes he wore, into something he felt more comfortable climbing with. Ha also undressed the other garments he wore and stuffed the pillows and the sheets to form the shape of a body in the bed. Underneath his rather noble outfit he had worn something slick and comfortable. Reluctantly he opened the window. It was not the height that disturbed him, but the thought he might never see the clothes again he left behind. They were expensive clothes, and although he could easily replace them it was still hard for him to part from them. Shaking his emotions off he climbed out the window and scaled the wall. In his younger years people said he must have been a spider in disguise from the dark forests of the pole. Although he traveled all over the continent he never crossed the waters, except once to visit the Albin great city of Thar’maihm, he had never laid eyes upon one of these spiders. Although sailors and soldiers in the eastern kingdoms talked of walking plants, and fungi, even rumors of giants in the desert, he thought the spiders might just be in the heads of the people. “Good night my queen.” the chamber maiden sounded almost as if she sung. The window grew dark, to his relief it was open, the nights were still warm, and the chambers in the castle were old and damp, and relatively cold, all in the castle welcomed warm air streaming in from outside.
Silently as a bat Gerry hung outside the window waiting for some time so the queen would fall asleep.  
After twenty minutes he had assumed the queen mother to be either fast asleep or near sleeping, careful he continued his ascent and peeked through the window. Indeed she was lying on her bed but he could tell she was awake. He took a quick glance out into the distance. Why hadn’t the Naga tried to get in through her window? As quickly as he could he climbed in and disappeared underneath the bed in a moment the queen mother did not look towards the door.
Wih a sigh she got up and looked around the room. “All this Naga talk,” she mumbled to herself, “makes you hear ghosts Johanna. They’re all dead, rest now.” she wandered back to the bed.
He heard the metallic sound of a chalice. Something was poured into it, drunk, and then she put the chalice back on the nightstand wih an uneasy hand. Joyful surprise befell Gerry, he had started to doubt that she’d use his gift. Suddenly her arm fell off the bed, hund right beside him, clinging the chalice had fallen at the same time as the hand.
It was he gift he had brought to her. Laced on the inside wih a sedative.
Like a shadow he rose from underneath the bed. Silently and darkly. He had to be quick, he thrust a hollow needle inside her buttock, it was filled with the oher half of the Nagas poison, with a handle he squeezed it into her sedated body, pulled it out and headed for the window, quickly disappear ling from he room. Again he scaled upwards, after a moment he heard the door far beneath him open, muffled voices, followed b ya terrified scream.