A womans scream. Presumably the servant girl he had heard earlier. Hastily, but still with the necessary caution, he carried on his climbing, until he had reached the roof.
Originally he wanted to retrieve his garments, but the noise from the fallen chalice was sure to wake and bring on the servant girl. “Excellent work I presume?” startled he turned. “The window was unguarded, why would you send me?” he had no difficulty in holding his balance on the rooftop. “We’re no climbers and the window is too narrow to fit a Naga through! Besides, landing in there would’ve made enough noise to bring that screaming girl and half the guards into the room, let alone wake her.”
Gerry fiercely stared at the old Naga. “You’re planning on killing me, right?
A dirty grin appeared on the old lips. “I had planned to do so. But I changed my mind.”
“Am I getting paid?”
“What you saw stashed in the warehouse, is all yours, plus our venom.” she kept grinning dirty. “The Naga may not be proud, or noble. But we are a strong people. With your help, by using our venom where it pleases you, you increase the terror of the Naga.” she smirked slithering closer wrapping her still strong arms around him. A moment later he found himself clinging on to her scared for his life, as she flew with him in her grasp away into the night.
Shouts from the courtyard told of the Naga, but they were too high up to identify Gerry. Calls indicated they feared for the king, instead of releasing arrows at then they ran to the royal bed chambers.

“Your payment.” the old Naga handed him a bottle, filled with the poison. “The Naga have killed that womans husband and her younger son within a fortnight. Her attack at you was an act of blind rage, and revenge. Now you had her killed in an act of revenge.” Gerry studied the liquid in the bottle, safely stowed it away in his bag, surrounded by clothing so it would be safe for the trip. Glad he had stashed his belongings outside the walls of Galnerra, so he wouldn’t have to return to that shady innkeep, who right now was surely holding out his hollow hand to the royal informants scouring the entire city, he hefted it over his shoulder. “The king will look for you. Take revenge upon your kind. He won’t rest until every last Naga is dead, or he’ll die trying. You will act out on revenge as well and so on. Until there is a war between this kingdom at least and the Naga.” he looked up the footpath they had dropped him on. “Good luck with that.” he shook his head, started walking.

The older of the two Naga kept the younger from pursuing him. “He is right.” she mumbled. “Return to our home lands, take the elder Naga under your command.” shocked in disbelief the younger stared at her. “What will you be doing?”
“Ending this.” he stinger shot up in front of her younger comrade. Moments later she flew past the city walls, dawn was breaking, clearly making her visible for the guards, of bithe city as well as the palace. In a courtyard she spotted her target.
Infuriated and in full armor the king was instructing a group of soldiers, the old Naga plunged from the skies. Coiling up her posterior she caught the force of her landing, trying to ignore the arthritic pain that gave her. “Watch out! She has returned!”
Immediately the old Naga was surrounded by men with unsheathed swords, ready to draw blood. Eager to do so.
“Are you the wench my men saw last night?” the king marched towards her, his sword glistened dangerously in the morning sun.
“Indeed I am my good king.” she hissed, instinctively scanning his armor.for a weak spot. “I have returned so you won’t wager war against my kind elsewhere. I am the last of tbe local population, and my revenge is now complete!” lying she glanced around the other men and their weaponry. “The little noble man was delicious by-catch if you were wondering.” another lie to save a life, although Gerry could take care of himself, he would have it easier this way.

Begrudged the king stared at the old Naga, sheathed his sword. “Hack off her stinger, break her wings and leave her in the sun.” his voice was cutting and cold like ice, as he turned away.
The men around the courtyard drew their swords if they had not already done so. Suddenly they gasped, as a swooshing sound filled the air. A gentle sting in his neck.followed. “Brood for brood, be glad I did not include your brood in my revenge.” she hissed, already sensing the cold steel of the swords and other weapons being thrust towards her.
Although personally not involved with the Naga killed two years earlier, the revenge carried out in their name fulfilled her more than she anticipated.
Itvwas way more severe than broken wings and a chopped off stinger, along wih her blood, life itself was seeping bout of her body into the dirt of the courtyard. In the sky above the infinite salvation awaited her searching, and fading vision.
Next to her the king was plummeting to the ground, he stared at her with a mixture of shock, hatred and lust.
Soon his life would end. Comforted by that thought she let the darkness envelop her, the icy darkness that grew as her strength waned.